Monday, April 23, 2012

For the creative mind...

bespoke zine
bespoke zine

I know I may be a little late to the party here, but I recently purchased my first *bespoke* zine. After Stella had gone to sleep, I banished myself to bed and snuggled up with a hot milo and a million propped up pillows to read this little book of beautiful creativity. With heatpack on shoulders, I lost myself for a few moments in tutorials, interviews and inspiration from some of Australia's most talented craftswomen and men.

One of the articles that really struck me most has been bookmarked (with a tea-stained paper doily of course!) and re-read many a time. Written by Meegan Cornforth, 'Caged Creativity' discusses the 'Peril of not reaching our potential'.  

"When we ignore our creative urges and stumble across another who is creatively expressing themselves in a way we admire...we feel a surge of jealousy." 

Her words really felt at home with me, as I too, often feel restless and slightly envious when I am in a creative rut and I see others seeking fulfilment and self expression via creativity. For some of us, self-actualisation comes most importantly from fulfilling our creative desires.

Writing, making, dreaming and creating are very important aspects of who I am and the way in which I seek happiness. Do you feel the same? You don't necessarily need to be making a living from your ventures to be gaining satisfaction from them.

bespoke zine
bespoke zine

I thoroughly enjoyed my little creative escape into the world of *bespoke*, and I cannot wait for the next issue, I feel a subscription may be on the cards for my Mothers Day wishlist! I am sure all my fellow crafty minded mamas will enjoy it also, head on over and see what the fuss is all about!

Now, I'll leave you with some more wise words from Ms Cornforth to ponder...

"Personal growth comes from embracing the uncertainty of a blank page, stage, plate, project or canvas. Sitting with that sense of uncertainty and taking a giant leap of faith into the unknown requires maturity, and a certain degree of confidence which deepens with every brush stroke, dance step, stitch, recipe or new idea"

Thankyou *bespoke* for a lovely evening in!
Plenty of love,
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  1. It's such a fantastic read isn't it! I love getting a copy, everyone is just so inspiring =)