Thursday, April 12, 2012

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This weeks smile inducers...

* If you've ever had a burning question to ask another parent at the drop of the hat, you will appreciate Baby Hints and Tips as much as I do. This Facebook page is like a really big community of mothers all sharing their current concerns with babies, toddlers and children. Anyone can post a question asking for advice or looking for answers and any mama can comment giving her two cents worth. The pages admin staff do a wonderful job of always making sure the content is supportive and unbiased. It is well worth the 'Like'.

* How you and your child can be happier in 3 minutes? Yes please! Aha Parenting knocks it on the head again with a well written post of advice.

* With most older children having smart phones, there can be a possible benefit to the madness. The Morcombe family have recently launched an application for smart phones called 'Help Me'. If a child is in danger they just press a 'panic button', which automatically sends a text message to two nominated contacts with the users exact location. Rather than dwelling on the negatives of modern technology and it's effect on our children, we should be celebrating the immense successes like the launch of this app.

* This month Winter Love is sponsoring Oh Dear Drea again, I love the honesty and wit that Drea writes with. Her blog tells a tale of a single again mama, keeping it oh-so-real.

* I recently found this blog, and was taken aback with both heartbreak and sympathy. The woman behind this blog is a Mother to 7 children and has dealt with the sudden death of her eldest Son. She talks about her grief, depression and anxiety as well as the struggle of accepting that her and two of her children have a dangerous chromosomal abnormality. This is one strong mama, definitely a recommended read.

* Don't forget to enter the Easter Giveaway for your chance to win this sweet vintage xylophone. I have extended the end date of the giveaway until Sunday April 15th.

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  1. Oh Dear Drea is one of my fav blogs :) So sad reading Tammy's blog about her son passing away, I can't stop reading her posts!