Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cheap, Sweet Thrills.

Family weekends are definitely my favourite. All three of us bundled up in the car, snacks packed, phones charged, keys grabbed and away we go. We don't usually go far, but once a week we try to venture away from home and spend a little relaxed time together. I especially like these days when the chores start to build up and the washing begins to follow me around the house. It doesn't have to cost the earth to have a family day trip, in fact with my new permanent stay-at-home status and the pending arrival of baby #2, we have been enjoying our family fun on a budget.

Most recently, our day included a short drive to Grindelwald. 15 minutes from the city, hides this pretty swiss-style town. We drove to a picturesque spot, and parked ourselves on the grass in front of a lake surrounded by reeds near a teeny tiny old chapel. We munched on sandwiches and crackers with cheese, whilst Stella chased ducks and explored her surroundings without restriction. The day barely cost us anything, yet gave us sweet, family loving thrills. 

{Speaking of sweet thrills, we indulged slightly and stopped at a small cafe on the scenic route home for some scones with homemade jam.}

Winter love blog
Stella Winter
Stella Winter

Days like this really make me appreciate the beautiful country and state we live in, and even more so the beautiful company I am lucky enough to have with me each and every day. I wonder where we will adventure this week!

What is your favourite family orientated adventure to have? Do you regularly try to spend a day away from home? Feel free to post a link of your blogged family adventures below, I may even share my favourites in next weeks 'Links of Late' post!
Plenty of love, 

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