Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Babushka Beauty

Every now and then I go through a phase of loving something to death... constantly finding images, collecting crafty ideas and dreaming up themes based on something pretty. Right now, that something pretty is Babushka Dolls; the Russian Nesting Doll. I would love a Babushka themed baby shower complete with all the darling little details, I had better start getting organised!

These are my favourite Babushka finds from around the Internet at the moment,

1. Babushka cake by Just Call Me Martha.

2. Babushka family print by Zou Zou Design

3. Pirate Babushka hair comb by Sail On Baby

4. Matroyoshka Doll night lamps by Dima Loginoff 

5. Babushka Doll necklace by Stolen Thunder

What are you currently lusting after? A current obsession you'd like to share?
Plenty of love,
winter love blog

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