Friday, April 20, 2012


My poor iPhone seems to take a battering; sticky toddler fingerprints, tea spills and most lately... Nailpolish splatters. With such regular use, it seems totally justifiable to pamper my most reliable necessity. I have been trawling Etsy for some new cases to beautify my little apple friend and have stumbled across some real treasures. Here are some of my favourites!

From top left:

1. By The Curious Case LLC
2.  By Galingale 
3. By SSC photography cases
4. By Decorative Designs WKS
5. By Fundak iPhone cases
6.  By Graphic Pals
7. And for a bit of fun! By Shop Zero Gravity

Does your iPhone need sprucing up a little? What's on your iWant list?
Plenty of love, 
winterlove blog natalie


  1. Oh those are awesome. I wish I could find pretty ones like that for my droid!

  2. You can't get the biscuit one. You will just want salty crackers all the time or at least I would!