Thursday, April 19, 2012

Links of Late

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This weeks smile inducers...

* Whining. Every parent dreads the sound, yet every child seems to master the skill perfectly. This post gives six positive strategies to reduce whining. I am trying to remember these when whine-o-clock comes around at our house

* How sweet are these little dolls? Not only are they machine washable (hallelujah!) but they are made from 100% eco-friendly products. I can't wait for Skye to begin creating these beauties once more. She is currently a little busy playing mama!

* I found this post on DIY headboard ideas and have completely fallen in love with some of the incredible creations. I want a huge house with a different DIY headboard featured in each room now! Ahhhh, we can dream right?

* When mothers day rolls around, these knitted mama ugg boots are high on my wishlist. Pradus has such stunning creations for babes and mamas.

* Are you a DIY Queen? Or like me, a DIY try-hard queen? Then you'll love my friend Zoe's crafty blog, full of tutorials and inspiration for creation.

* Saying 'No' seems to be second nature for a toddler, and saying 'No' back can be a little too easy for a parent. This post explores 18 ways in which we can say no positively, something that I have bookmarked for furture (regular) referrence.

* If you could spare a minute to vote for me in the Sydney Writers Centre 'Best Blogs Competition', I would be thrilled. Winter Love can be found on the very last page under 'W'

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