Saturday, September 24, 2011

Play, fun... Ugh

 These pretty little toy boxes used to say "Play, fun, laugh". Stella decided to do a little altering and they now say "Play, fun Ugh". I cant help but empathise with her... There's so much play, so much fun, and a little ugh in every day. I wouldn't want it any other way.

Mi' Lili and Me.

With Stella finding her independence more and more each day, I have found myself feeling at times a little under stimulated myself. Sometimes a little restless. I feel as though she needs more child interaction and I feel as though I need more adult interaction. For us, this small step away from each other for 2-3 days extra a week is healthy. 

Now that my sweet Stella is 14 months old, I feel comfortable enough to take another leap from our comfort zone and start working a little more. I recently acquired a new job as a sales assistant at a beautiful clothing and shoe boutique close to home, Mi' Lili. I am thrilled to be working in fashion and the visual merchandising aspect of a fashion boutique excited me! It is a slight change to the dynamics of a bustling shoe store, but I enjoyed every minute of my first shift.

Not only did I love chatting with regular customers and helping young girls with formal dresses, but I also loved snapping up a few bargains of beauty myself. I went home with a bag full of peach, coral, lace and natural toned pieces. I cant wait to keep sharing with you my journey in another casual job, my pretty purchases and my experience with childcare and balance.

If you are local to Launceston, 'like' the Mi' Lili Facebook page and call in to say hi sometime!

...Plenty of love...

Baileys Birthday.

This year, I have been so lucky to have attended so many wonderful childrens birthday parties. The intense amount of preparation and lengths that mothers go to, to ensure that the party day is just perfect is inspiring and exciting all the same. I love seeing proud mothers on party days. Over the months I've shared with you Arden's party, Evie's party and of course Stella's party. Now, I'm sharing with you Baileys 3rd Birthday Party!

Baileys mother Tahnii did the most amazing job at making us all feel as though we were aboard a pirate ship. The food, the decor, the was very pirate-like. Here are some happy snaps taken on the day!


Thursday, September 22, 2011

pretty, pretty skull brooch.

One of the purchases I made at the Salamanca Market during my weekend away was this brooch by Two Daisies. I love that the colours are so neutral that I can wear it with almost everything, and wear it with everything I certainly have! Since purchasing this brooch I have developed a slight obsession with all things 'skull'. I thought I'd share some beautiful skull related finds with you that I am currently oooohhing and aaaahhing over!

1. Macabre machined messenger bag by Plastic Land.

2. Cream wallet by Plastic Land.

3. Sugar Skull Party dress by McLaine O

4. Baby booties by Pitter Patter baby gifts

5. Sugar skull necklace by Hungry Designs

5. Skull dummy from Pink Diamond.

One Zero Zero!

one hundred Followers!

It feels as though it has taken an eternity to get to this milestone. Although, when I think more realistically, it was very quick. I started blogging in February of this year, which means I have been writing almost daily for 8 months. My raison d'etre being to connect with other parents travelling along the same unknown path and to express this journey in the way I know best; with words. 

It gives me warm, fuzzy feelings of happiness each and every time I accumulate a new reader or receive the odd e-mail from half way across the world. I want to continue to write about what I feel passionate about; parenting, motherhood, love, beauty and creating. In my ideal world, I would have hours of uninterrupted writing time each and every day, but alas, with a toddler and two casual jobs this is not possible. I am determined to keep writing in the hope of bringing smiles, nods of agreeance and sighs of relief.

So, to thank YOU for reading I have a giveaway for you all to take part in!

To be in the running to win a That Vintage Etsy store voucher all you need to do is;

Step 1. Like the Winter Love Facebook page and/or
Step 2. Become a follower by clicking 'follow' in the side bar.
Step 3. Comment below telling me you have done so! (Including your e-mail address)

The competition is open to national and international readers alike, please make sure you are contactable via e-mail so I can let you know if you are a winner and organise the finer details of your prize! Competition closes Friday the 30th of September at 7:00PM AEST. The winner will be selected using a random number generator.

Goodluck to you all, I have such appreciation for each and every one of you.

Plenty of love...

Monday, September 19, 2011

A two minute DIY

I've always envied those with pretty laundries, those who bring their personality and style all the way down to the detail in their laundry baskets. Now that I am a mother I spend more time in my laundry than what I do in my bathroom, incentive enough to pretty it up a little. 

formula tins + fabric stickers = pretty laundry organisation.

I used three old washed formula tins and covered them with these incredibly pretty fabric stickers from Etsy. Then tied some doilies with handwritten labels to the front, so easy it could be done with your eyes closed (ok, maybe one eye closed). The wall decals added an extra touch of pretty, I am now a little happier when stuck in my laundry for hours on end. 

Happy two minute DIY-ing! Be inspired to spend two minutes making something simple that will make you smile, rather than two minutes thinking about what your unattractive to-do list!

...Plenty of love...

Friday, September 16, 2011

Circle of Mothers.

If there is one thing that I would tell an expectant mother, it would be to surround yourself with those who also have children. One of the most incredible, and sometimes the only, support network that mothers can have is other mothers. When you find a positive circle of mothers with similar lifestyles, ideals and morals...embrace it. See them often, enjoy time with the children around, sneak away without the children around. Gossip, moan and gloat.

However, be aware of a positive circle versus a negative circle. If things get competitive; move along. If things get draining; move along. If you leave a visit feeling like you haven't taken a sigh of relief home, haven't exhausted every giggle and tear or haven't smiled; move along. Because that is what your circle should be should leave you feeling relieved that you are not alone. It should leave you smiling.

I have a wonderful circle of motherly support, some I see often, others not so often. Each and every one of them have a positive effect on my parenting, something I am truly grateful for. Recently I added to my circle, by catching up with Danielle. You may remember the feature I did on Danielles home business 2 little birds. We caught up and talked about school, childcare, friendships and tantrums.

Here are some happy snaps of Danielles beautiful children playing with Stella. 

Do you have a support circle? If not, take steps to create that circle for yourself. Whether it be meeting a fellow mother for a coffee, attending a playgroup or e-mailing a mother you know. (I am always open to mail!)

...plenty of love...

A trip away...

 To celebrate my heart being stolen, I ventured away for the weekend with its thief. I had the weekend off 'mama duties' as Stella was with her Dad, so what perfect opportunity to spark some romance without a sippy cup in my handbag!

We drove a short and sweet 2.5 hours, in which time I managed to inhale an entire packet of skittles and a kit-kat. Mini holidays must be accompanied by sweet and naughty treats right? It was late when we arrived at our destination, so we checked in, dropped our bags and headed out for pizza and pasta. Being the intense party animals and thrill seekers we are, we then bought two cheap bottles of wine and proceeded to watch bad TV, drink from the hotels finest plastic and talk until the early hours of Saturday morning from the comfort of a hotel bed.

Saturday started with a big breakfast. I had the most incredible smoothie my taste buds had ever experienced...Toasted muesli + banana + Yogurt. We then browsed the Salamanca Markets, If you are ever to visit Tasmania, or are lucky enough to be located on this humble yet beautiful island, the Salamanca Market is a must. I purchased something special for myself and something special for Stella, both of which I will share and review with you very soon!

Next came MONA. I am still unsure as to which the best way describe MONA is. I was planning on sharing some photos with you, but once there for ten minutes decided against it. MONA is the newest attraction to grace Tasmania and attract it certainly has. Showcasing ancient, modern and contemporary art, visit with an open mind and be prepared. And visit I would recommend.

Saturday night luck was with us. We had booked in for a night at the Henry Jones Art Hotel and were looking forward to a little luxury for our moneys worth. However, the Henry Jones had decided that we deserved more than a little luxury and upon check-in we were told of our upgrade! The Peacock Terrace. An overflowing spa, Tasmanias oldest spiral staircase, original artworks and views of Hobarts beautiful waterfront. It was luxury all right. How lucky we were!

We decided that instead of wasting time away from this amazing terrace that we had all to ourselves, we would settle in for the night. Again, in true class and style we got takeaway butter chicken and bottles of wine. We wined, lazily dined and reclined. All whilst in our Henry Jones bath robes. Thank you Henry Jones for an amazing night.

Sunday, was my favourite out of the whole trip. Stellas Dad bought her down to meet us as he was also having a trip away (small town), we exchanged the baby gear and said our hello/goodbyes and then spent the rest of the day as a threesome. Mama + baby + boyfriend. It was the most enjoyable day I have had in a long time. We visited the museum, shopped in the city and then spent late afternoon and night with my Dad and his fiancee. It was the first time since Stella had been born that I felt truly complete. The picture had been finished, the missing gaps filled in. It was perfect.

That, was a long-winded description of my weekend away. If there is one thing you do regardless of budget, regardless of lifestyle...let it be exploring your own home. Visit your own state as though you are a tourist, see the beauty and experience the attractions with fresh eyes. And do it preferably with a loved one. Or a loved two!

...Plenty of love...