Thursday, September 1, 2011

Business and Motherhood; 2 Little Birds

I am very excited to bring you the first mother guest posting about creating, parenting, family and balance! 

I met and had a lovely conversation with Danielle from '2 little birds' at the Niche market a few weeks back. Her stall was beautifully presented, complete with a display birdcage and bunting. Her stock screams 'timeless and classic' play and wear for children. She was such a quiet spoken, humble and modest woman to speak with, downplaying her incredible talents as a creator and mother.

This is a little background information on Danielle's journey as a mother and a business woman. You can see her children's clothes, toys and decor here on the Facebook page.


" I am 26 years old and married to my high school sweetheart, We met when we were 15 and have been married for 5 years this November. We have 2 to beautiful children Maddisyn Ella 6 and Lachlan Hunter 4. I have been creative from an early age, always wanting to keep busy. I love sewing, painting and renovating

I have always been crafty but woke up one day and decided that I wanted to make items to sell, I saw on the Niche blog applications were open for this years market so thought "why not!", I will give it a go, not expecting anything from it. As it turned out they liked my items and gave me a stall at the August market.

The biggest hurdle in trying to raise a family and run a business is trying to find time to craft and keep a well maintained house. My biggest problem is I like everything to be perfect and things to go the way I want and when that doesn't I stress out big time. But I am getting better with that as time goes on.

I had always wanted children and to start a family young too. I think the advantage of being young when starting a family is that you still have the energy to run around after your children, see them grow up and see Great-Grandchildren, maybe even Great-Great-Grandchildren! By the age of around 40, when the kids have grown up I will still be young enough to travel and do things that maybe you couldn't and wouldn't do when you were young and hopefully have more money.

I really don't think that there is anything I would change. One disadvantage of having kids young was I was the 1st out my friends to have kids and I lost all my friends as I could not go out all the time and they just stopped asking me even if I could go. But I am a better person for it now.

I am hoping to just take each day as it comes with 2 little birds and see if the business succeeds."

I bonded well with Danielle because she too was a young mother. She is inspiration for me to see that although 'the now' is all about hard work, the future hold rewards that can't be measured. Congratulations on your first Niche Market experience Danielle, I cant wait to see how 2 little birds evolves!

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