Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sleeping pretty

Being the compulsively prepared person that I am, I searched and searched for cot linen when I was just a few months pregnant. I trawled Etsy, Madeit and local designers but could not find anything that wasn't ghastly coloured, bright or within a reasonable price range. I ended up with just 2 sets of simple fitted sheets and countless plain white blankets and wraps. This sufficed for the first year believe it or not, with plenty of hurried washing and drying of the same sheets.

For Stella's first birthday, her godmother bought these beautiful bed sheets by Holly Chic, designed and handmade in New Zealand. I don't know how she found them but boy am I glad she did. The fitted sheet is adorable yet neutral and the 'cot dooner' is much thicker than a sheet. oh, and it is reversible! Polka dots are a little more suited to an older baby than the too-cutesy patterns that can be found, I am also really happy with the girly yet subtle colours.

Doll by 2 little birds.

I now have a wish list of more beautiful bedding to snuggle my beautiful sleeping babe in.  Head on over to the facebook page of Holly Chic and admire all the baby goodies for yourself!

Plenty of love...

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