Sunday, July 31, 2011

Blah Blah Blah

No, I'm not singing Kesha (although, at times I admit you may catch me doing so). I am describing the past fortnight. It has been a little dull, a little tiring, a little flat and a little blah. Perhaps it's the winter blues? But, I adore winter, so unlikely. Perhaps it's the transition to being single again? Perhaps its the adjustment and physical exhaustion from having a very active toddler and no longer a baby?

Whatever it is, I am not going to over analyse. Instead of feeling blah about the fact that I feel blah, I am going to embrace the indescribable mood and just...well... roll with it.

I'd like to apologise for absence here on Winter Love during lately, but rest assured it was merely a mini-break. I am determined to write through the blah and continue being inspired, introspective and intrigued. Don't forget you can follow me on Twitter, e-mail me small talk or follow my photos on Instagram; I always love to hear from my readers.

Have you had Blah weeks? How do you sweep up all that blah and throw it in the trash?
Also, please say a little prayer for my dearest friend Sophie who has had an incredibly tough week with the loss of her puppy soul in peace Jazz.

Plenty of love...

12 days of goodness.

Today is the twelfth day since I cut out all sugar, caffeine, processed foods and junk.
...and I AM ALIVE! I am still pinching myself. For me, this is an incredible achievement and one that I am not so modestly proud of! I have made it through twelve days...through a forest of cravings, bad habits and peer pressure; yet still made it out alive on the other side! *Insert congratulations here*

Since deciding to take 'operation energise' up a significant notch and since this post I have been tracking every single meal with the My Diet Diary application for iPhone. I have eaten nothing but fresh fruit and vegetables, lean meat and legumes, herbal tea and wholemeal grains. Not one bit of chocolate, not one cup of coffee, not one pinch of un-natural sugar. I've also been drinking lots of water and walking daily.

Has Winter Love been hacked you ask? No... I swear this is me. Just a healthier and more energised version of me.

My energy levels have improved incredibly and I have found that I no longer crave sugar, nor do I rely on it as intensely as I once used to. Using the 'My Diet Diary' application has been an amazing motivator, as well as regular chats with my dear friend Ali. Ali has recently found that she is allergic to wheat, gluten, diary and nuts. So having someone close to me struggling with diet changes and rummaging through health food isles with has been terrific.

I am currently searching for other means of motivation to continue with this super healthy, super energy-charged, super natural, slightly boring diet. Is there anything you can suggest to keep me on track? I am also day-dreaming of a reward I can give myself for making it to the two week mark and beyond...a facial? Tattoo? New perfume? Haircut? Endless possibilities really!

What are your healthy eating motivation tips? How do you curb your own cravings? As always, please share with me!

Plenty of love...

Friday, July 29, 2011

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Care to Share?

This weeks smile inducers...

* I love this website! I follow them on Facebook and the posts about recipes and saving money are so helpful for any mother. I definitely recommend liking their page and reading the website. 

* Tabitha over at Tabitha Emma is getting married...she is posting the sweetest ever 'Wedding Wednesday' features with cake, invitation and decor inspiration. Oh to be in her shoes! Have a browse if you are soon to be wed or just dream to be wed!

* My dear friend Lauren is passionate about climate change, her carbon footprint and the environment. Read this post about the '3things initiative' from Oxfam and jump on board yourself.

* How adorable is this vintage tea party window display!

* Lastly, sharing with you some of my local bloggers; Memoirs of a big red dog, Bright side up and Lola makes. I think we need to organise a Tasmanian bloggers meet up, yes?

Sweet, sweet friendship

Stella and Evie are beginning to enjoy their playdates more and more each time. They play interactively (I don't care if the books say they can't yet) and show off in front of each other. They copy, they share, they giggle and they chase. The chasing is probably my favourite. Evie crawls behind Stella and Stella crawls at the speed of light whilst giggling to get away from her, looking back every so often to check on her chasers progress.

Its incredible how much their play behaviours have changed. They are a lot more aware of each other and the effect of their actions on one another, this means there is less face poking and hair pulling and more hand holding and shoe touching. They love to pass toys, sharing what their favourites are. But equally as much as they like to take what the other one is holding.

 I look forward to seeing them grow and learn together and experience more and more changes. Ali and I were getting a little nostalgic when we took them back to the play centre where we had our first 'Mama date'. Our babies are now toddlers!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Threads and Trends

These photos are getting harder and harder to take; she rarely keeps still, doesn't want to stand on cue and more often than not has a cracker in her hand. But, we got some! (I just had to include that last photo, she is blowing kisses...adorable!)

Stella wears: Dress by Cotton on baby, tights by Pumpkin Patch, cardigan by Peter Rabbit from Myer, shoes by Pumpkin Patch.

Threads and trends; Winter wears.

Mama wears: Tights by Sussan, dress by Supre, thrifted hat, cardigan by Portmans, brooch by Marley and Lockyer, earrings by That Vintage.

*edit* After drafting this post I realised that I hadn't infact been creative and resourceful with my winter wears and am wearing the exact same outfit as this post. I guess that means my first attempt at stepping outside my wardrobe comfort zone has failed. Better luck next time!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

headaches and hormones.

Remember 'Operation Energise?' (Post 1 and 2), if the answer is no it is probably because I have been so slack. I fell off the bandwagon for a while there; say two or three weeks. Blame it on love! (or lack thereof). But I'm back and back better than ever!

What has motivated me to jump back aboard? Well...

 I recently went to my G.P regarding migraines. For about three years I have suffered from a strange experience that it is incredibly scary and equally confusing. My vision starts to blur to the point of not being able to read or see facial details, my mouth and tongue go numb and my fingers tingle. My speech gets slurred and my comprehension is poor, then after all of this I get a headache. The headache isn't terrible, which is what confused me about the term 'migraine'. The entire experience lasts around two hours and occurred once every few months, but lately they have been coming every week. Hence, the visit to my lovely Doctor-Man.

I now understand a little more about the migraines; they are known as a 'complex migraine' or a 'migraine aura' and the very first and last thing the Dr told me was; Come off the contraceptive pill now and never take it again. Apparently complex migraines and the CP (contraceptive pill) do not mix at all. It is a major trigger and dangerous to be on whilst experiencing a complex migraine. So starts the elimination of synthetic hormones and the return of natural hormones.

I experience intense menstrual cramping, mood swings and temperamental skin when not taking the CP, so I need to be one step ahead of myself and manage these as naturally as possible. I also read that a poor diet can be a trigger for complex migraine. Operation Energise is becoming 'Operation healthier-in-general'!

Added to the previous changes I have made and stuck to most of the time are:

Change #1 Take a magnesium supplement to ease cramping

change #2 More calcium intake

Change #3 Cut sugar intake drastically (This one is killing me, but I am doing it. Cold turkey)

Change #4 Avoid all caffeine (this means no chocolate and herbal tea only)

Change #5 Take a supplement containing Silica for skin and increase water intake.

I have also been using this application for my iPhone which has been amazing! It makes me more aware of what I am eating if I have to record it. I have a follow up appointment with my GP in the next fortnight and am going to speak with him further about dietary changes I can make to help with both hormones and migraines. Wish me well!

The Dresser; makeover.

A few months back I went on a little thrifting adventure with my dearest friends Soph and Lauren and picked up this gorgeous and cheap dresser! I had plans to paint it and decoupage the top, neither of which I have done yet. I've since decided that I really like its weathered and worn look and wont paint it. However, I would really like to decoupage the top surface with paper doilies, so this is on my current craft to-do list. I've never done decoupage before and really am not sure what I am doing, do any of you have advice?

The dresser feels so at home in my bedroom now, I have my favourite textures pegged on twine above it and willow beside it. I just adore how it looks. I will definitely be thrifting for incredible finds again sometime soon!

 What's the best thrifting piece of furniture you have picked up? Anything that you are pining for?
...plenty of love...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

THE party.

Stellas first birthday party. (VERY IMAGE HEAVY)

Lots of preparation, lots of excitement, lots of fun. It wouldn't have been possible without the help from my closest friends, Thankyou all so much! (Sophie, Lauren, Emily, Ali and Lydia) Also, thankyou to my dear friend Nicole; The cupcake fairy who supplied the cupcakes and cakes. I don't think I need to say much else, I'll just share the incredible photos with you!

Thank you so much to everyone who came, What a party! One we will certainly remember
Plenty of love...