Sunday, July 31, 2011

12 days of goodness.

Today is the twelfth day since I cut out all sugar, caffeine, processed foods and junk.
...and I AM ALIVE! I am still pinching myself. For me, this is an incredible achievement and one that I am not so modestly proud of! I have made it through twelve days...through a forest of cravings, bad habits and peer pressure; yet still made it out alive on the other side! *Insert congratulations here*

Since deciding to take 'operation energise' up a significant notch and since this post I have been tracking every single meal with the My Diet Diary application for iPhone. I have eaten nothing but fresh fruit and vegetables, lean meat and legumes, herbal tea and wholemeal grains. Not one bit of chocolate, not one cup of coffee, not one pinch of un-natural sugar. I've also been drinking lots of water and walking daily.

Has Winter Love been hacked you ask? No... I swear this is me. Just a healthier and more energised version of me.

My energy levels have improved incredibly and I have found that I no longer crave sugar, nor do I rely on it as intensely as I once used to. Using the 'My Diet Diary' application has been an amazing motivator, as well as regular chats with my dear friend Ali. Ali has recently found that she is allergic to wheat, gluten, diary and nuts. So having someone close to me struggling with diet changes and rummaging through health food isles with has been terrific.

I am currently searching for other means of motivation to continue with this super healthy, super energy-charged, super natural, slightly boring diet. Is there anything you can suggest to keep me on track? I am also day-dreaming of a reward I can give myself for making it to the two week mark and beyond...a facial? Tattoo? New perfume? Haircut? Endless possibilities really!

What are your healthy eating motivation tips? How do you curb your own cravings? As always, please share with me!

Plenty of love...

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  1. I would love to do something like this!... You look as though you didn't need to loose weight but did you loose any over the 12 days?

    I find taking Chromium Picolinate (naturally occurring in the body) balances the Blood Sugar levels and helps curb cravings and that sugar slump that occurs around 3pm :)

    I'm going to download that app and start walking more !

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    Anna x