Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Winter wears

One of my favourite parts of the new season starting is going through my wardrobe and re-arranging everything so that the season appropriate items are all together and easily accessible. I pulled everything out of my wardrobe last week and layed it on the bed, I put to the back all the summery pieces that couldn't be adapted for winter and started finding all my favourite winter wears.

Pre-baby when I was working full time in a fast-paced and fashion-focused retail store I would buy a new piece of clothing every week. If I was heading out for dinner or drinks, I would buy a new cocktail dress and new shoes to match. Sometimes 3 weekends in a row. Now that I am a mother, that is not possible or justifiable so I have to be more resourceful and creative in fashion. I will need to re-wear a lot of winter items from previous years, yet somehow make them look 'in season' and not too 'motherly'.

My plan is to document my winter fashion challenges with you! As a motivator to step outside the long sleeved cardigan zone and to inspire me to be more creative. I will endeavour to post a threads and trends segment as often as I can. Feel free to contact me with your own winter fashion tips and ideas for mothers if you would be interested in having them shared here!

Happy winter fashion! 

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  1. Its all about hats and coats in winter for me! As a time poor mama, the hats serve the purpose of hiding my hair that I usually haven't had time to wash or style. When it comes to coats, I buy second hand/cheap and change the buttons to something a little fancy. Its amazing what high quality detailing can do to a dated or poorer quality garment! I've actually bought coats for less than the buttons I then sew on! With awesome results. My favorite is an old hounds tooth coat from the 60's that I found in an op shop for $20. I swapped the gross plastic gold buttons for silver miniature crowns. Its now beautiful!