Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bad habits.

In the past 2 weeks Stella and I have formed some bad habits. I am totally procrastinating about breaking them and wondering how we acquired them in the first place, but these things happen.

The first one is the dummy. As a newborn Stella would never take a dummy, she didn't know how to suck it and it never really gave her any comfort. So we didn't bother again, she has gone a whole year without knowing what a dummy is. She became curious when she saw Evie sucking one and would try to pull it from her mouth intrigued but would chew on the wrong end if she managed to get a hold of it. She is currently cutting her 5th, 6th and 7th tooth all at once, so in a bid to provide some pain relief I covered a dummy in bonjela and put it in her mouth, not thinking she would actually keep it in her mouth. Not only did she keep it in her mouth but she loved it, she loved it that night (sans bonjela) and managed to fall asleep sucking on it and keep it in for the majority of the night. So, at age one Stella has discovered the dummy and is hooked. I know it's not a 'bad' habit, but it seems a strange habit to start at this age. I'm now wondering when, how and if I am ever going to be able to get rid of it!

The second habit, which I am slightly ashamed to admit because I know the health warnings, is a bottle in her cot. If she wakes (which she still is nearly every night) at around 3am, instead of letting her self settle, I have opted for the easier option in my sleepy her a bottle in her cot, which she usually falls back asleep with still in her mouth. Not only is this bad for her teeth in the long run but it has created a terrible sleep disruption. She now wakes for that bottle at 3am because she looks forward to it, she doesn't want to go to sleep unless she has that warm, comforting milk there with her. I am not looking forward to the habit breaking process, although once I break it her sleep should settle back down. The major hurdle with this one is Stella's Dad, I am going to pass some of the blame onto him (which takes away some of the guilt from me) for giving me this 'too good to be true' quick settling tip that he started at his house. I'll need to make him join me in the breaking of this habit, which we might start tomorrow night. Or perhaps Saturday night. Or maybe Monday night, best to start on a new week right? Right?! I will break it soon, I swear.

Do you have any bad habits with your child that are proving hard to break? Some that you don't like to admit? Do you have any advice or empathy for out current bad habits? Do share!

...Plenty of love...


  1. Natalie, Stella will rid herself of the dummy eventually. It is far easier to throw out a dummy than cut off a thumb! Both our children had dummies and when they were big enough and old enough (from memory 2 /2 - 3 yrs) they both chose to be come a big kid and didn't need it anymore. In relation to the bottle - that is a different issue - I would try and stop that one ASAP just for your sanity alone. Give her the dummy instead :)

  2. My little girl only had a dummy till 6 months from 2 1/2 till now she has been stealing other kids dummies and begging me for one...WTF??? i also give her a bottle in bed and should be considering weaning her off it.....dont let the guilt from other parents get to you...if that the worst we do then its really not that bad at all.