Sunday, July 3, 2011

Stella Winter 11 months old

As I write this, Stella is 5 days shy of her first birthday. Her FIRST BIRTHDAY. This past month has been beautiful, she has learnt, grown and changed so incredibly.

She has become very communicative, using facial expressions all the time. She does an over exaggerated 'head nod', raises her eyebrows with sarcasm and tilts her head on the side for a 'look at me, I'm so cute' effect. I've found that Stella has a preference for males, and practices the head tilt effect on them whenever she gets the chance. Scary that she has figured out how to play them to get maximum attention in return, although after all, she is her mothers daughter.

Her favourite game is climbing. She loves to climb through the bottom of the coffee table and will do it over and over again until something cooler to climb on catches her attention. She often holds onto the back of my legs while I'm doing things around the house, following me from room to room. She is THIS --> close to walking. She can stand on her own for up to 10 seconds before falling or reaching to furniture, my estimation is within two weeks! I cant even describe how adorable that little wobbling bundle of chub is going to look when she starts to waddle.

Her current vocabulary includes; dog, ta, meow, tweet-tweet, Dad, Mum, bub, yum, bye, nigh-nigh, oh-no, Stell, nooooo, up and mwah. Yep, mwah. She purses her lips and extends the Mmmmmm to end it with an irresistible wah! She can dance and wave on cue and can respond to simple questions. "What does a bird say?" "Tweet tweet tweet tweeeeet".

She can also respond to simple commands like; come back here, ta for Mum and Stella no. She knows what no means, and she looks at me with absolute cheek in her eyes and a grin on her face when I say it. It isn't often that she will comply with no, and I think that at times it encourages her. If you have any suggestions for getting babies to follow the command 'NO', please help me!

She thinks that feeding Mum a cracker is a cracker, seriously the funniest thing out. She loves to share crackers with me and giggles if I eat it from her hand. Cats are also hilarious apparently, she giggles with pure excitement whenever she see's a cat, be it outside our house or on TV.

She sleeps wonderfully, self settles herself in less than 10 minutes and always crashes on her tummy with her bottom in the air and her legs crossed underneath her. She still wakes for a bottle/change/cuddle at 2am some nights, but we have learnt to deal. Usually with chocolate and blog reading until she self settles back down.

I can't comprehend the fact that her birthday is next week, I know I will cry on Friday. I will be a mess. The plan is to have lots of cuddles, look through old photos and celebrate our year with a classic pyjama relaxation day before the HUGE party on Saturday. Speaking of which, I must go and make some more pom-poms, write some more lists and stress a little more.

Plenty of love...

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