Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Healthy bodies make happy hearts.


When Stella and I have hit an afternoon slump and the grumpy moods begin to surface, my favourite way to overcome this is to crank the volume of some pop tunes and have a silly dance with her. She giggles and wriggles like a little star and I feel refreshed and de-stressed, ready to tackle 'arsenic hour'. 

I had Kathleen write to me recently asking to guest post, which is quite fitting considering our new-found afternoon tradition. I found her article a happy, innovative read and hope that you do too! ...enjoy...

 Healthy Bodies Make Happy Hearts
                                     By Kathleen Thomas

With the invention of computers, video games and electronic toys children have become increasingly less active. Childhood obesity and the need for more physical activity are increasingly critical issues in both Australia and America. One way you can encourage your children to become more physically active is by dancing!

The Australian and American Heart Association recommends that children ages two and older participate in at least 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day. Dance is a simple activity that doesn’t require complicated equipment and can be done just about anywhere.

“I recommend dance as a fun physical activity for the whole family because it doesn’t require a lot of time, money or resources,” said Dr. Mary Zurn, vice president of education for Primrose Preschools “Dancing is a creative form of self-expression that helps build self-confidence. Plus, it provides time well spent with your family.”

Dr. Zurn and Dr. Steve Sanders, a fitness expert and Director of the School of Physical Education & Exercise Science at the University of South Florida as well as a member of the Primrose Education Advisory Board, recommend these tips to encourage your family to start dancing:

Step 1: Select appropriate music. You aren’t just looking for age-appropriate lyrics. It is also important to find music with an eight-count beat that isn’t too fast or too slow, so children can successfully develop movements in time with the music.

Step 2: Create a dance routine with your child. Together, decide how your dance will begin, what movements will go in the middle and how it will end. Children naturally respond to music with movement, which they can then turn into a dance. They love to pretend and don’t have any difficulty responding if they are asked to “be” the wind moving in the trees or even a dog searching for a place to bury a bone. Their imaginations don’t need much encouragement to get moving.

Step 3: Focus on developing your child’s key motor skills. Freestyle dancing is great for getting the heart rate up, but dancing can also be beneficial to your child’s motor and coordination development. Dancing will enable them to practice fundamental skills like jumping, landing, leaping, sliding, galloping, moving forward and backwards, and learning how to imitate moves.

Step 4: Check your child’s heart rate. Teach your child to connect physical activity with maintaining a healthy heart by measuring his or her heart rate. Show your child how to feel and count his or her heart beats.

For more tips from Dr. Z and a variety of activity suggestions, visit www.DrZandMe.com.


Ive been finding so many beautiful tattoos in my web travels lately, that I feel the need to share them with you regularly. A new 'regular ramblings' I hope to continue on Winter Love is Inkspiration; posting my current favourite tattoo designs, be it fleeting, classic or trend.

One of my current ink obsessions is any art depicting the Deer or Fawn...think doe-eyed and intricately detailed antlers.

*NB. With so many images being re-blogged and shared you can understand how difficult it is to provide sources for every tattoo. I wont be giving sources for each image but can follow up with links if requested.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Thankyou gifts

Since Stellas Birthday Party I have been scouring Etsy for the perfect thankyou gift for my closest friends Lauren and Sophie. They helped me immensely in the preparation, planning and setting up of Stellas party and put up with me being one huge mum-zilla!

I finally found the ideal gift, these sweet chalkboard trays! Perfect for writing cute little notes, shopping lists, affirmations and motivations or using for display purposes. How gorgeous do they look!

It is totally necessary that I now purchase one for myself to write sweet nothings on! Browse the Etsy shop I purchased them from here and be tempted for yourself.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tea, tea, tea for two?

Stella got some pretty loud, colourful, exciting, stimulating toys for her birthday and has now acquired quite the collection. I thought I'd start reviewing some of my favourites (and perhaps some of hers too) to share with you.

The first toy to face the judging panel -the judging panel being a rough, inquisitive baby with a short attention span and a badly singing, silly grooving, forever cleaning mama- is the Musical Tea Set by Fisher-Price.

"Time to share a pot of tea, some for you, some for me. Lets pretend and always say please and thank you"

* The songs are highly addictive and sweet.

* It teaches manners. A big please and thank you plus.

* The lid attracts babies attention, great for concentration and hand-eye coordination.

* The colours aren't overly bright and offensive. Its pretty to look at as well as play with.

* Ever tried to have a cup of tea with baby climbing all over you? Now they can have their own pot while you enjoy yours (That would be the plan, yes?)

* Stella can practice her drinking skills using the little teacup, it wont break and is the perfect size for her chubby hands. 

* The little cakes. They were looking very appetising when I first started my sugar cutback. I could have almost bitten into that sweet looking plastic.

* Not enough buttons. Several buttons for baby to press would be more appealing than one single button for all songs.

* It isn't gender neutral. 

* The more I think about it, the more I am convinced that the little cakes are a con. Shouldn't they be fruit? Or perhaps little club sandwiches? (party pooper mama is out in full force here)

*It is a little pricey, the average price being $44.99. That's a whole lotta money for a cup of tea.

Conclusion; Manners and table etiquette. What more could you ask for in a singing tea pot? You will be singing about tea for two whilst sharing a pot with your sweet little one for days on end. Sometimes I even pour a musical pot of tea when Stella isn't even here. Oh, to have a singing tea pot that held real tea! Definitely a recommended toy.

If you have a favourite toy that you would like to review and guest post about, feel free to contact me. I would love to have you share.
Plenty of love...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Its a wrap!

Last weekends adventures at Niche; all wrapped up didn't disappoint. I browsed at a leisurely pace with a glass of champagne in one hand and Stella in the other on Friday night (This requires ultimate balance, concentration and skill). My best mama friend Ali, and Stellas best friend Evie came along too. The variety of unique designs and abundance of friendly talent was just as touching as the markets previously. There was a buzzing sense of excitement on the Friday 'opening night'.

On the Saturday, I was very lucky to be alongside my two closest friends for the entire day, serving customers and admiring the stock. The That Vintage stall looked even more beautiful than before, Lauren and Sophie had racked their creative minds yet again to come up with something bigger and better than last market.

As you may remember, I was very excited to be interviewing some business running mamas working at the Niche market. I had such lovely, insightful chats with three beautiful women. The guest posts exploring motherhood, business, creation and balance will be coming very soon. I cant wait for you to meet them!

I hope your weekend was just as lovely! I'll leave you with a few wobbly iPhone shots of Sophie's beautiful stock. You can see all the incredible professional shots taken by Cheese House productions here on the Facebook page.

Plenty of love...

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Beauty is blooming.

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you would know that I have been working on a secret little project for my dear friend Lauren and the Kings Meadows Florist. Lauren came to me with a colour scheme vision in her head for a display window of the florist and I have since been hard at work folding, fluffing and puffing pom poms!

Today I spent the day from a ladder, amongst beautiful flowers and florists to hang these pom poms. The result was an amazing combination of colours and an eye catching display celebrating the beauty in bloom.

Forty in total; Green, white and black pom poms. To create a window display reflective of foliage, leaves and deep green winter grass.

If you are local to Launceston, go and have a look and tell me if you love it! Also, 'like' the florists official Facebook page to see stock, products and designs by the very talented florists Liz and Lauren.
I enjoyed creating this display more than I'd anticipated, It is incredible the effect of satisfying your creative yearning can have on your mood. If I am not making, dreaming or being inspired I feel restless and frustrated. Creating really is such a therapeutic passion to me.

Plenty of love...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lace love.

I have a thing for lace, I've always had a thing for lace. You'll find it in little corners of my home here and there. Lace doilies, lace candles, lace lampshades, lace photo frames. There is a fine line between provocative lace and nanna lace, somewhere in the middle is the lace I love. If I could adorn my entire house with the stuff without being seen as 'the weird lace' lady I would.

These are my favourite lace Etsy finds that have pleased my eyes lately...

* This lace dress is so sweet. Paired with a some neutral heels it would be the perfect cup day dress, I think the hemline needs to be a little shorter to counteract any nanna-ness that beige and lace may throw off.

* This tiny felt and lace bunting necklace may have made me squeal in delight. It's so sweet!

* Who needs a wedding! This lace garland is needed in my bedroom. Needed.

* If this isn't the most adorable thing you've ever seen, then I don't know what is. A little crochet lace mushroom stone. With this I could make sure the 'crazy lace lady' theme was carried through to Stellas nursery.

Do you have a love for lace? What colour excites you the most?
Plenty of love...the crazy lace lady,