Wednesday, August 3, 2011

One plus one.

One year and one month! Oh how time flies!

Stella Winter is now 13 months old...and cheekier, smarter and more beautiful than ever.

The way she plays has changed drastically in the last month, she is really intrigued as to how certain toys 'work' and will spend minutes and minutes pushing certain buttons and opening little latches. She loves to put things in and take things out, its the ultimate game. Although, she would much rather join in with the adults than play baby games! She likes to eat whatever I am eating, 'read' whatever I am reading and help with whatever I am doing, including the operation of my iPhone. She knows which button to press and knows how to use the touch screen to unlock it... I know, scary right?

Physically, she is on the go. She doesn't stop. She rarely crawls anymore, but 'cruises' along the furniture instead. She walks occasionally (usually 4-5 steps at a time), but isn't quite a full time walker yet.

She adores visitors, getting beyond excited when someone visits at our house. As soon as our guest walks in the door she rushes to show them her favourite toys, showing off 'her crib', its equally funny as it is gorgeous.

She eats well, and has even tried her hand at self feeding with a spoon. I don't like to use the word failure when it comes to childrens experiences, but the first time was well.... a failure. We are trying to improve the spoon feeding skills. She can drink from a cup whilst aided and has tried to drink from one un-aided. It was going really well, until the cup was thrown on the ground. We'll get there!

Stella is sleeping well still, no longer waking for a bottle at 3am. We managed to kick the bottle in bed habit cold turkey and she now falls asleep sucking on her dummy, much more manageable and healthy. She usually sleeps 7pm til 6am, a bit more of a sleep in would be amazing but I am counting my stars lucky that she sleeps these hours as it is.

It really is incomprehensible that my baby is now a toddler! I miss those little bundle days but love that we can now interact with so much more depth, we can have conversations (Stella nodding and saying 'yeah' while I talk) and share a funny joke.

Toddlerhood is whole new challenge, a whole new experience. Let the tantrum throwing, kiss blowing, cuddle giving, toddling begin!

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