Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tea, tea, tea for two?

Stella got some pretty loud, colourful, exciting, stimulating toys for her birthday and has now acquired quite the collection. I thought I'd start reviewing some of my favourites (and perhaps some of hers too) to share with you.

The first toy to face the judging panel -the judging panel being a rough, inquisitive baby with a short attention span and a badly singing, silly grooving, forever cleaning mama- is the Musical Tea Set by Fisher-Price.

"Time to share a pot of tea, some for you, some for me. Lets pretend and always say please and thank you"

* The songs are highly addictive and sweet.

* It teaches manners. A big please and thank you plus.

* The lid attracts babies attention, great for concentration and hand-eye coordination.

* The colours aren't overly bright and offensive. Its pretty to look at as well as play with.

* Ever tried to have a cup of tea with baby climbing all over you? Now they can have their own pot while you enjoy yours (That would be the plan, yes?)

* Stella can practice her drinking skills using the little teacup, it wont break and is the perfect size for her chubby hands. 

* The little cakes. They were looking very appetising when I first started my sugar cutback. I could have almost bitten into that sweet looking plastic.

* Not enough buttons. Several buttons for baby to press would be more appealing than one single button for all songs.

* It isn't gender neutral. 

* The more I think about it, the more I am convinced that the little cakes are a con. Shouldn't they be fruit? Or perhaps little club sandwiches? (party pooper mama is out in full force here)

*It is a little pricey, the average price being $44.99. That's a whole lotta money for a cup of tea.

Conclusion; Manners and table etiquette. What more could you ask for in a singing tea pot? You will be singing about tea for two whilst sharing a pot with your sweet little one for days on end. Sometimes I even pour a musical pot of tea when Stella isn't even here. Oh, to have a singing tea pot that held real tea! Definitely a recommended toy.

If you have a favourite toy that you would like to review and guest post about, feel free to contact me. I would love to have you share.
Plenty of love...


  1. ooh, this is so cute! I think Delilah would be tickled.

  2. They didn't have those around when I was growing up. Boo Hoo!

  3. I have that! Ha Ha Ha!
    I would love to say that it was purchased for Sofia HOWEVER it was actually a gift for my 27th Birthday from my cousin who saw it and knew I had to have it for a day in my life that a baby exsisted. Now with only 12 days to go before her arrival.... I can't wait to play with it again, but this time without the guilt.