Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lace love.

I have a thing for lace, I've always had a thing for lace. You'll find it in little corners of my home here and there. Lace doilies, lace candles, lace lampshades, lace photo frames. There is a fine line between provocative lace and nanna lace, somewhere in the middle is the lace I love. If I could adorn my entire house with the stuff without being seen as 'the weird lace' lady I would.

These are my favourite lace Etsy finds that have pleased my eyes lately...

* This lace dress is so sweet. Paired with a some neutral heels it would be the perfect cup day dress, I think the hemline needs to be a little shorter to counteract any nanna-ness that beige and lace may throw off.

* This tiny felt and lace bunting necklace may have made me squeal in delight. It's so sweet!

* Who needs a wedding! This lace garland is needed in my bedroom. Needed.

* If this isn't the most adorable thing you've ever seen, then I don't know what is. A little crochet lace mushroom stone. With this I could make sure the 'crazy lace lady' theme was carried through to Stellas nursery.

Do you have a love for lace? What colour excites you the most?
Plenty of love...the crazy lace lady,

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  1. Lace is so so pretty, and I am happy that it's so trendy right now! I love the lace top from Free People... I have it in light pink, and black. :) That cake stand with lace is such a pretty photo!