Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Chubby, chubby goodness

Look at all that chubby goodness! This photos gives me the warm and fuzzies inside, her smile is so big, showing how happy and content she is. One of my favourite parts about mothering a toddler is the sheer joy and pride I feel when watching her experience something new, watch her learn a new skill, grow a little older and become even smarter. Seeing a smile and a laugh is like the motherhood version of getting a good report card, you feel relieved and confident that you are doing something right.

Stella and her little friend Evie enjoyed a lovely splash on a very hot day last week, it was a totally spontaneous trip to the local outdoor pool and she just loved it! I am hoping to start swimming lessons this summer for her, which gives me a perfectly good excuse to buy some adorable new bathers. Tis the season for new experiences and plenty of smiles!

Oh, and did I mention how adorable all that chub is?!

Monday, November 28, 2011

A two minute DIY

This year I decided to hand make all our Christmas cards, I seem to hoard cheap and nasty cards from over the years and end up throwing out rather than using them in the bid to purchase something a little nicer. I bought a few pieces of brown card and a packet of white doilies and spent half an hour in front of the TV making these sweet and simple cards. I folded the doilies in three and cut out small shapes to make a snowflake (think back to your kindergarten days!) 

The result was very simple, yet very pretty. And they match this years wrapping colour theme of brown and gold.

doily + scissors + brown card = Christmas cards!


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Romance and Roadtrips.

It was a whole month ago that we ventured to the capital of our state for my Dads wedding. I can't believe, 1) How quickly time has flown and 2) How slack I have been (again) with my blogging. Someone needs to kick me, or give me an extra pair of hands or an extra 3 hours in my day. Anyway, does the saying "better late than never" still stand in this instance?

Lets pretend it does, and without further distraction, delay or procrastination here is the long-awaited post about my dear Dads wedding.

We packed 5 bags full of clothing, baby bowls, nappies and dress shoes and managed to fit it all in the family size car with a little push and shove. We headed on over to my Sisters house and picked her and my Niece Ruby up for the trip. I was hoping that Stella would sleep for the entire two and a half hour drive but was secretly enjoying the chit-chat coming from the back seat. Her and Ruby held hands, shared snacks and conversed in babble for the first 40 minutes of our trip. Soon enough Stellas head became too heavy for her little shoulders and her eyes gave in to sleep.
The end of our road trip was taken up with applying fake nails, talking outfits and sipping chai lattes. We arrived in our families homes and shared many a cuppa over old photos and reminisced.

The wedding day was just beautiful. Dad and Janette exchanged vows in their home with a small gathering of family and friends. The atmosphere was casual enough to be comforting and formal enough to be exciting.

I feel I must mention the significance this wedding has on my family...My Dad has always been a caring, humble and honest man, yet never managed to receive anything but grief and hurt in return. Until he met Janette. They exude Love. You can see it in their eyes, see it in their embrace. They constantly talk of one another when separated and avoid being separated at all costs. Since having Janette by his side I have seen my Dads face change with the imprint of smile lines and seen his figure fill out with content. Seeing him so incredibly happy, has in turn made all around him incredibly happy. 

I held back tears whilst hearing them declare their love in front of all. I was so lucky to have my own little family there by my side for the day.

It just goes to show, that no matter what age, no matter what life journey you have never dies. 

...Plenty of love...

Thursday, November 10, 2011


This months obsession; Anything cameo. Cameo tattoos? Even better! I would love a cameo tattoo to celebrate my marriage after the big day arrives. Here are my favourite Cameo tattoo finds of late;


Sunday, November 6, 2011


Today I experienced the less talked about side of marriage, the MIL (Mother-in-law) and FIL (Father-in-law). It isn't often that MILS and FILS are discussed in a positive tone, how many people do you hear complaining about their in-laws? Avoiding family get-togethers?

Well, there is not a negative tone to be heard here, not a moan or grumble, nor a worry or a trouble.

Today, I spent the day trawling the craft fair in the sunshine with my Mr, his Mother and his Father and we had the loveliest day ever. We were able to share a joke, talk about family history and my partners childhood.

I am so very lucky to have this family be accepting of me, and also my daughter. They have welcomed me into their lives and see me as being the light of happiness in their sons eyes. They are tolerant and understanding of my situation and have never once made me feel an ounce of guilt, shame or awkwardness. This is what family should be about, I am not only marrying my soul mate and creating and developing our own family, but I am sharing in the family that has always been.

I feel as though my MIL is perhaps offering me the support and happiness that I did not receive as a child and young adult without a Mother. We can gossip about wedding venues and cakes, and plan rose bouquets.

I cannot wait to bring these incredibly beautiful people more grandchildren of their own. The talent and motivation that their son holds will be projected through to his children. They will mirror the same great strength, wisdom and morality that was instilled in him as a child.

What greater gift than to create, develop and share in family!

What kind of relationship do you share with your in-laws? The stereotypical tension stricken relationship? A casual and relaxed relationship? Do you have any crazy MIL and FIL stories to share with me? I'd love to hear them all!

...plenty of love...

sweet gratitude

Sweet words and congratulations from sweet friends and family make this very special time of my life even happier. I am so grateful to have the unconditional support and love of a very special few.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Lovely Love Story.

I have been drafting this post in my head for the last nine days, and each time I come up with something I mentally scribble it out because I just cant do it justice. I can't recreate one the most incredible experience of my life in words. Just believe me when I say it was incredible.

It started with Mr Perfect blindfolding me after a long day at work and driving me to a secret destination. I tried to guess the corners and bends and estimate the distances, but this boy sure is good at putting me off the scent. After a leisurely blindfolded drive we arrived at...well, I didn't know where. I was led by his helping hand and stumbled through a doorway where I was instructed to remove my blindfold.

I was standing in my own home. The curtains were drawn and rose petals scattered the floor, leaving a sweet smelling pathway from the front door to what would usually be the playroom. I opened the playroom door, not really sure what I should be expecting, inside I found the most beautiful, romantic and tear inducing restaurant set up. Complete with the most amazing table decor I've ever seen. Everything that I loved adorned the table. There were even doilies on the walls with love notes and love words written. I was speechless and breathless.

What followed was a three course meal, a bottle of wine and some romantic music. It was like everything I had imagined as a little girl. It was the way love was described in fairy tales, movies and picture books. It was perfect.

After our dinner (Which involved no shoes and relaxed table manners) we took to the 'dance floor' for a little groove. Mid waltz Nick paused to reach for his pocket, I felt his grip loosen and his knee start to bend, before he even made it to the floor my hands reached for my face and a squeal escaped my throat. Here was the most beautiful soul I have ever met, before me on bended knee, holding a small box with a glistening white gold diamond ring inside. My mind and heart wanted to cry but all my body could do was squeal and giggle.

So, here we are. 9 days engaged and 9 thousand times in love. I never thought I was worthy of such a true, honest love....let alone believed it existed. But it does. This person is who I want to spend the rest of my life with and I knew this right from the very start. I want to share every experience, every high and every low with this man. Not one thing about it is wrong, there is not one thing I would change. I have never felt so sure, so right and so confident about anything.

Ahhhh love, you struck me when I least expected it. Raise your tea cup, wine glass or baby is a cheers, to love!

...Plenty of love... 

Sand, water and Stella.

We recently took a road trip to spend the weekend with family and to celebrate my Dads wedding (A wedding post to come soon I promise!) While the sun was shining we ventured to a nearby beach. This was Stellas first impromptu beach experience, and she was both in awe and terrified at the same time. Watching her tentatively wriggle her toes in the sand and curiously look to the water was priceless.

These are the experiences that make parenting wonderful and magic-filled.