Saturday, November 26, 2011

Romance and Roadtrips.

It was a whole month ago that we ventured to the capital of our state for my Dads wedding. I can't believe, 1) How quickly time has flown and 2) How slack I have been (again) with my blogging. Someone needs to kick me, or give me an extra pair of hands or an extra 3 hours in my day. Anyway, does the saying "better late than never" still stand in this instance?

Lets pretend it does, and without further distraction, delay or procrastination here is the long-awaited post about my dear Dads wedding.

We packed 5 bags full of clothing, baby bowls, nappies and dress shoes and managed to fit it all in the family size car with a little push and shove. We headed on over to my Sisters house and picked her and my Niece Ruby up for the trip. I was hoping that Stella would sleep for the entire two and a half hour drive but was secretly enjoying the chit-chat coming from the back seat. Her and Ruby held hands, shared snacks and conversed in babble for the first 40 minutes of our trip. Soon enough Stellas head became too heavy for her little shoulders and her eyes gave in to sleep.
The end of our road trip was taken up with applying fake nails, talking outfits and sipping chai lattes. We arrived in our families homes and shared many a cuppa over old photos and reminisced.

The wedding day was just beautiful. Dad and Janette exchanged vows in their home with a small gathering of family and friends. The atmosphere was casual enough to be comforting and formal enough to be exciting.

I feel I must mention the significance this wedding has on my family...My Dad has always been a caring, humble and honest man, yet never managed to receive anything but grief and hurt in return. Until he met Janette. They exude Love. You can see it in their eyes, see it in their embrace. They constantly talk of one another when separated and avoid being separated at all costs. Since having Janette by his side I have seen my Dads face change with the imprint of smile lines and seen his figure fill out with content. Seeing him so incredibly happy, has in turn made all around him incredibly happy. 

I held back tears whilst hearing them declare their love in front of all. I was so lucky to have my own little family there by my side for the day.

It just goes to show, that no matter what age, no matter what life journey you have never dies. 

...Plenty of love...


  1. I'm so glad for your Dad's happiness. It looked like a great day, with losts of great family snaps. Just lovely.

  2. Gorgeous Pics Nat! You cant half tell you two are sisters! It is great your Dad is so happy!

  3. Beautiful story - thanks for sharing it! :)

  4. Yes better late than never always works :) This is Karen S by the way- have started a new blog (at last!)

  5. Thankyou everyone for your lovely thoughts!