Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Chubby, chubby goodness

Look at all that chubby goodness! This photos gives me the warm and fuzzies inside, her smile is so big, showing how happy and content she is. One of my favourite parts about mothering a toddler is the sheer joy and pride I feel when watching her experience something new, watch her learn a new skill, grow a little older and become even smarter. Seeing a smile and a laugh is like the motherhood version of getting a good report card, you feel relieved and confident that you are doing something right.

Stella and her little friend Evie enjoyed a lovely splash on a very hot day last week, it was a totally spontaneous trip to the local outdoor pool and she just loved it! I am hoping to start swimming lessons this summer for her, which gives me a perfectly good excuse to buy some adorable new bathers. Tis the season for new experiences and plenty of smiles!

Oh, and did I mention how adorable all that chub is?!

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  1. I still love running my hand over my kids round little bellys ( and they are 7 and 4!)lol. I love the little tongue hanging out to catch the drips.