Thursday, November 3, 2011

Lovely Love Story.

I have been drafting this post in my head for the last nine days, and each time I come up with something I mentally scribble it out because I just cant do it justice. I can't recreate one the most incredible experience of my life in words. Just believe me when I say it was incredible.

It started with Mr Perfect blindfolding me after a long day at work and driving me to a secret destination. I tried to guess the corners and bends and estimate the distances, but this boy sure is good at putting me off the scent. After a leisurely blindfolded drive we arrived at...well, I didn't know where. I was led by his helping hand and stumbled through a doorway where I was instructed to remove my blindfold.

I was standing in my own home. The curtains were drawn and rose petals scattered the floor, leaving a sweet smelling pathway from the front door to what would usually be the playroom. I opened the playroom door, not really sure what I should be expecting, inside I found the most beautiful, romantic and tear inducing restaurant set up. Complete with the most amazing table decor I've ever seen. Everything that I loved adorned the table. There were even doilies on the walls with love notes and love words written. I was speechless and breathless.

What followed was a three course meal, a bottle of wine and some romantic music. It was like everything I had imagined as a little girl. It was the way love was described in fairy tales, movies and picture books. It was perfect.

After our dinner (Which involved no shoes and relaxed table manners) we took to the 'dance floor' for a little groove. Mid waltz Nick paused to reach for his pocket, I felt his grip loosen and his knee start to bend, before he even made it to the floor my hands reached for my face and a squeal escaped my throat. Here was the most beautiful soul I have ever met, before me on bended knee, holding a small box with a glistening white gold diamond ring inside. My mind and heart wanted to cry but all my body could do was squeal and giggle.

So, here we are. 9 days engaged and 9 thousand times in love. I never thought I was worthy of such a true, honest love....let alone believed it existed. But it does. This person is who I want to spend the rest of my life with and I knew this right from the very start. I want to share every experience, every high and every low with this man. Not one thing about it is wrong, there is not one thing I would change. I have never felt so sure, so right and so confident about anything.

Ahhhh love, you struck me when I least expected it. Raise your tea cup, wine glass or baby is a cheers, to love!

...Plenty of love... 


  1. Oh Nat, thats so beautiful :) I even had a little cry of happiness for you. I'm glad you have your mr. perfect. Congratulation :) xo

  2. Even I just died from happiness <3
    You deserve it baby xxx

  3. Congrats Natalie!!! Yahoooo - Love and Marriage such a beautiful thing. EVERYONE should find a love like yours!


  4. Oh wow! Congratulations, that is wonderful!

  5. Congratulations Natalie!! What a proposal!!

  6. Oh congratulations Nat!! Its nice to know that real love is actually out there

  7. wowee thats super exciting! congrats!

  8. Thankyou so very much everyone, Your words of congratulations are so much appreciated! <3