Sunday, November 6, 2011


Today I experienced the less talked about side of marriage, the MIL (Mother-in-law) and FIL (Father-in-law). It isn't often that MILS and FILS are discussed in a positive tone, how many people do you hear complaining about their in-laws? Avoiding family get-togethers?

Well, there is not a negative tone to be heard here, not a moan or grumble, nor a worry or a trouble.

Today, I spent the day trawling the craft fair in the sunshine with my Mr, his Mother and his Father and we had the loveliest day ever. We were able to share a joke, talk about family history and my partners childhood.

I am so very lucky to have this family be accepting of me, and also my daughter. They have welcomed me into their lives and see me as being the light of happiness in their sons eyes. They are tolerant and understanding of my situation and have never once made me feel an ounce of guilt, shame or awkwardness. This is what family should be about, I am not only marrying my soul mate and creating and developing our own family, but I am sharing in the family that has always been.

I feel as though my MIL is perhaps offering me the support and happiness that I did not receive as a child and young adult without a Mother. We can gossip about wedding venues and cakes, and plan rose bouquets.

I cannot wait to bring these incredibly beautiful people more grandchildren of their own. The talent and motivation that their son holds will be projected through to his children. They will mirror the same great strength, wisdom and morality that was instilled in him as a child.

What greater gift than to create, develop and share in family!

What kind of relationship do you share with your in-laws? The stereotypical tension stricken relationship? A casual and relaxed relationship? Do you have any crazy MIL and FIL stories to share with me? I'd love to hear them all!

...plenty of love...


  1. I was blessed with good in-laws too. It makes for much less friction and more happy times. I'm so happy that you have found a "good bunch".

  2. Congratulations (again)! xx

  3. Thankyou Lucy! I love your sweet blog :)