Wednesday, July 20, 2011

headaches and hormones.

Remember 'Operation Energise?' (Post 1 and 2), if the answer is no it is probably because I have been so slack. I fell off the bandwagon for a while there; say two or three weeks. Blame it on love! (or lack thereof). But I'm back and back better than ever!

What has motivated me to jump back aboard? Well...

 I recently went to my G.P regarding migraines. For about three years I have suffered from a strange experience that it is incredibly scary and equally confusing. My vision starts to blur to the point of not being able to read or see facial details, my mouth and tongue go numb and my fingers tingle. My speech gets slurred and my comprehension is poor, then after all of this I get a headache. The headache isn't terrible, which is what confused me about the term 'migraine'. The entire experience lasts around two hours and occurred once every few months, but lately they have been coming every week. Hence, the visit to my lovely Doctor-Man.

I now understand a little more about the migraines; they are known as a 'complex migraine' or a 'migraine aura' and the very first and last thing the Dr told me was; Come off the contraceptive pill now and never take it again. Apparently complex migraines and the CP (contraceptive pill) do not mix at all. It is a major trigger and dangerous to be on whilst experiencing a complex migraine. So starts the elimination of synthetic hormones and the return of natural hormones.

I experience intense menstrual cramping, mood swings and temperamental skin when not taking the CP, so I need to be one step ahead of myself and manage these as naturally as possible. I also read that a poor diet can be a trigger for complex migraine. Operation Energise is becoming 'Operation healthier-in-general'!

Added to the previous changes I have made and stuck to most of the time are:

Change #1 Take a magnesium supplement to ease cramping

change #2 More calcium intake

Change #3 Cut sugar intake drastically (This one is killing me, but I am doing it. Cold turkey)

Change #4 Avoid all caffeine (this means no chocolate and herbal tea only)

Change #5 Take a supplement containing Silica for skin and increase water intake.

I have also been using this application for my iPhone which has been amazing! It makes me more aware of what I am eating if I have to record it. I have a follow up appointment with my GP in the next fortnight and am going to speak with him further about dietary changes I can make to help with both hormones and migraines. Wish me well!

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