Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mama gets healthy (ish)

 I have very bad eating habits, that became worse when I became single. Living on my own means that I eat lazily and indulge often. I hate cooking and avoid it like the plague. It is not unusual for me to sit down with a block of chocolate and a cup of tea and call it lunch. Yes, yes I can see you shaking your head in disgust. I can hear you telling me how unhealthy that is. Truth is, I know it.

I count my stars lucky that I am not overweight, need to lose weight or have any health issues. But I have one significant side effect of my laziness and pure bad habits...Energy. I am lacking more and more in energy every day. I still get by, still get things done, play with Stella and socialise. But I feel like one hell of a zombie whilst doing so. My body has started to feel really heavy and I feel as though I am dragging myself around. The yawns take over my entire face and I need a very sugary cup of tea to get me through each hour. The more tired and lethargic I get, the lazier I get with my eating, Its like a never ending cycle and I am oh, so, sick of it.

I don't have a good amount of self control and seem to go into a crazed eating frenzy if I deny myself of my favourites for even one day. So, I have decided to make some really simple, achievable, easy changes. Ones I know I can stick to. And who knows, once I start getting more energy from these changes, I may have the energy and motivation to make more!

Change #1 is to eat a better breakfast. Instead of reaching for the sugar, I am forcing myself to have a high fibre breakfast cereal with fruit and grains. Simple change.

Change #2 is to replace cups of black tea with sugar during the day with herbal tea. I still indulge in my sugary wake up call first thing of a morning, But the rest after that are either chamomile or green tea. A small but significant cut back.

Change #3 is to eat dinner every night. I usually graze on junk all through the day and come dinner time I am ready to crash into bed. I have been guilty of eating a packet of chips before bed or something equally as disgusting. Now, I am going to eat dinner. Even if it is only a cup of soup. Every night I must eat dinner.

Change #4 is to drink more water and take iron supplements. This has been the single most effective change I have made yet. Drinking more water has made me feel so much more awake and energised. The iron tablets are something that I should have kept taking after I gave birth (I was taking them during pregnancy) but it slipped my mind on top of everything else. Now that I am taking them again I feel one million times better.

I will continue to document my progress with 'operation energise' as the weeks go on, perhaps this will give me the incentive to push on with my changes knowing that you are reading them.

Wish me luck and send me all your 'eating better' vibes!

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