Monday, May 16, 2011

The fine Print.

My idea of fun is bed at 8pm (to sleep). A sleep in is 7:30am. I may get to shower and put makeup on before a date, I may not. My sexiest pyjamas are striped pink flannelet. My baby will stick her fingers up your nose, up my nose and up her own nose. Then she'll pull your hair. And most likely scream when you take away my attention.

Of course, I enjoy dinner out. I enjoy picnics in the park, glasses of wine and snuggling up with a DVD. I can have fun, I like fun. Fun is good. But then there is the fine print...Which should really be large print. Because it is a large part of my life, in fact it is my life!

With me, comes Stella. With Stella, comes terms and conditions.

Single Mothers and dating is not something you hear being talked about everyday. Some people may frown upon it, not understanding the need for love different to that a child gives. I have been a mother for 10 months, single for 9. Initially I needed those months of seclusion with my daughter. I was learning to parent, learning to be alone and learning to heal. Now, I am a seasoned Mama! I can deal with sleepless nights and tantrums (begrudgingly) and I can almost multi task as far as keeping a clean house, dressing myself and entertaining a baby plus others.

So far, I haven't encountered any negativity regarding dating. At least not directly. I find it hardest to get positivity around 'casual' dating, people aren't so accepting of this when you are a parent. There must be intentions, statuses and future plans. Which all make me feel nauseous. After having bad experiences with mistrust and deceit, I would prefer to enjoy the company of someone I am interested in without unnecessary pressure and worry. Let it be what it may be!

I have heard people say that as your child ages, dating becomes harder. This is a challenge I'm not sure that I am ready for.  As time passes I will learn to trust and give more, but for now...I am happy with the word 'casual'. It isn't always a dirty word.

Have you as a single parent experienced the dating dilemma? Please share your opinions, experiences and advice. I always love to hear!

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  1. Great post! It saddens me the stigma that surrounds single mothers. I applaud you.