Thursday, May 12, 2011

Congratulations to...

I am very excited. Thismorning I opened my e-mail to learn that my account for Top Baby Blogs has been accepted. It may seem a little trivial or 'So what-ish'. But to me it means a lot! When I started writing my thoughts down and dreaming of blogging them, Top Baby Blogs was always in my mind... "Must get on that site, must".  I even mentioned it in one of my first posts.

I must also thank you, all of you. For reading and following. It means the world to me that you take interest in what I write about and enjoy what you read. Each and every day I start to love writing a little more, it's always something I have enjoyed, but to be doing it...That is so very fulfilling. No matter how small a scale it may be.

If you are a regular reader, please click the 'follow' button and help me grow my followers. If you could spare a minute to click on the Top Baby Blogs link under my banner and vote for Winter Love everytime you are having a little read, I would appreciate it so, so very much.

Here's to exciting things for the future, more writing, more reading, and plenty of love!

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