Monday, May 9, 2011

Feather Love

A month back I bought some elastic and a bunch of feathers from Spotlight. It cost me $1 for a metre of elastic and $5 for five feathers. Last week I got out my glue gun and scissors and made a feather headband with my supplies. I love it! I feel a little 'Indian' when I wear it, but need to step out of my fashion comfort zone and embrace my new favourite obsession.

Here are some of my current favourite feathered Etsy finds...(Click caption for links)

feather headband
Custom made Feather headband
Feather capulet
 Feathered earrings 
Feathered earrings  

What is your current obsession or trend? Do you like feathers as much as me?


  1. Love love love! You are clever Ms G! <3

  2. Here is something very feathery hehe :)