Saturday, May 7, 2011

Our Week in Words #4

 I napped on the couch completely guilt free a few days this week. The house has been pretty immaculate (revel in it while it lasts!) and it has been cold and dreary. Cue a blanket, the couch and sleepy eyes. Sometimes I feel quite embarrassed about my 'Mama naps', a few days a week I sleep for the two hours that Stella sleeps before lunchtime. But then I remember that this luxury wont last forever and I'll kick myself when the opportunity does eventually subside and I am craving a little extra shut eye. It's a mama indulgence, although very much deserved at times.

Stella has been sleeping well still, sometimes waking at around 3am but going back to sleep after a nappy change. She has some adorable new words that she has been repeating like a broken record; "Ohhhh noooo" and "Hmmmm". When she says "Hmmmmm", she gets a very concentrated look on her face and furrows her brow. As if she is deep in contemplation. Its amazing how much she picks up from watching and listening to me around the house.

Ali and Evie joined us on some walks with our prams, although the goodness of our walk is always erased with a frothy chai latte at the end. I am hoping to keep this walking habit up, more for energy than anything else. It is really good de-stress time also, a breath of fresh air into your mind. I am really proud (and pretty suprised) that I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight, I actually weigh around 4 kilos less than I did before I fell pregnant. But, I have a lot of work to do in 'toning up'. I've heard so many people say "Your body is never the same after a baby", and now I am realising how true this is. My hips will always be that little bit wider now. But all for good reason! I'd have wider hips and flabbier thighs any day over not having my Stella.

Our next week is yet to be planned, my diary is blank! Although sometimes the most enjoyable days turn out to be the unplanned ones. What spontaneous fun can one Mother and Baby get up to? How has your week been? What have you planned for the next one?

Plenty of love...

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