Sunday, May 15, 2011

Our Week In Words #5

This week involved plenty of giggling. More from me than from Stella! I have been spending a lot of time with my two best friends (You've heard their names before; Lauren and Sophie) and gosh do we giggle! Like school girls...we giggle about boys, we giggle about silly songs, we giggle about giggling.

We had two fun dates this past week, one of which was 'errand night'. We got together at my house with takeaway and cider as per usual and made our socialising a little more productive by doing our errands. The errand list included; Preparing laser cut myrtle for jewellery making, installing updates on my new laptop, planning Stella's first birthday party, brainstorming ideas for Laurens blog and learning how to use photoshop. We did get a few of these done, but ended up watching some silly Youtube videos and giggling instead.

Our second date was an afternoon of op-shopping. We bundled up Stella and some pacifying supplies (Keys, cheese, soft toys) and got rugged up for a chilly afternoon browsing second hand shops. Sophie was looking for some old frames, I was after a big big vase and Lauren was after a teapot. Lauren was the only one to get lucky with her wishlist, however I did pick up some odds and ends. Some lace tights for Stella, a wooden childrens clothes hanger and... A dressing table! It has a mirror in good condition and beautifully shaped corners and legs. I am going to paint it, adorn the mirror with fairy lights and decorate it to put in my bedroom. Imgagine sitting down to write in a pen to paper diary, brushing your hair or painting your nails at such a pretty little dressing table. I will be updating with its makeover in a special 'Nothing New' post soon!

Stella has started some fussy eating habits this week, turning her head in disgust at anything that is not cheese or stewed pears. Im sure she'll soon turn into a cube of cheese! It is very frustrating and I swore I would never have a child who is a fussy eater (Cue, the things we say before our children are actually born), turns out this is harder than I imagined. If anyone has any tips on force feeding vegetables, lentils and rice to a baby, please do share!

Her latest trick is to blow kisses, and she does it all the time! It makes me smile so much, the sweetest thing I have ever seen. She also likes to dance, especially whilst eating. It must feel good to dance and eat at the same time.

Next week there is a special event in the works, it relates to Nothing New month and I am hosting it at my house! I cannot wait to divulge more detail soon. How has your week been?
...Plenty of love...


  1. Gee you are sneaky with the camera! Love it. Can't wait to see how you bring some love to that dressing table! x

  2. That pic of the four of us is just way to cute... it makes me giggle!!

  3. Ahh your tattoo is so cool. I want one on show now!