Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Glowing, Single and Inspirational.

This soon-to-be Mama is positively glowing. How she looks so amazing at 37 weeks pregnant is beyond me. I thought I would share with you some photos of my friend Airlie, her bump and share a little of her story


Airlie is 25 and has been single since she was 7 weeks pregnant. She shows such strength and positivity when talking about her unborn daughter and is an inspiration to single parents everywhere. She is proof that being single and pregnant is not reason to be any less positive than any other pregnant woman. What is important is what the future holds and your attitude towards tackling it.

"I've named her Scarlett Maya Kerr and she will be the most beautiful and wonderful part of my whole life. Nothing that I've been through, or could face, can take away from how much I love her. I will always strive to be everything she needs in a family and a role model." 

Isn't she just beautiful! I cannot wait to meet little Scarlett and see how joyful Airlie looks in new motherhood. I know that she will make as wonderful a mother and create a loving, stable environment for her daughter as any other partnered mother. It is my hope that people like Airlie help change the stigma and frowned upon attitudes attached to single parenting.

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  1. wow, she's gorgeous! i was a single parent for almost 4 years. it's tough, but amazingly rewarding.