Thursday, May 5, 2011

Nothing New :: Update one

 It has been 2.5 weeks since I guilt tripped myself into 'Something old, NOTHING new, something borrowed or renewed'. And for that guilt trip, I am thankful! So far, I have loved the concept and haven't found it overly challenging, although there were a few situations that called for self control and creativity.

The first hiccup in the road was a friends birthday...She is the kind of friend who buys a gift for me every single birthday and Christmas without fail. I spent a few days wishing I could just buy her a present and keep it quiet from myself (Hide it under the bed and forget I purchased it during 'Nothing new' week?) But instead I racked the little creative centre of my brain during nap time one day, I rummaged through my craft box and sat on the floor amongst the mess 'humphing' for quite some time. Eventually I looked at some doilies, some ribbon, a hole punch and a pair of scissors and they spoke to me..."We would make a lovely little garland!" they said.
So, alas...6 minutes later her birthday present was made. 100% purchase free and even using an old ribbon that was once tied around some roses. I wrapped it in recycled tissue paper from a previous purchase and nervously handed over my sad but cute little garland. Thankfully, she liked it (or did a wonderful job at pretending she did) and I was quite proud of my first Nothing New gift giving experience!

Lydias birthday garland

On a smaller scale, I have been a bit more resourceful around the house. I have cut down drastically the amount of chemicals I use to clean with. It is quite well known that I clean a little excessively, which meant that I would go through A LOT of different sprays, bleaches and cleaners. I purchased a bottle of home brand vinegar, a packet of bi-carbonate soda and reused an old spray bottle. This is now my general cleaner for the bath, shower and kitchen. It works just as well as any cleaning product I've had before and is as simple as pouring a glass of water. For super icky messes I use a cloth, some water and some Earth detergent. For windows and mirrors I use a combination of methylated spirits and water. Not only has it been cheaper to keep my house sparkly, spic and span, but it has also cut down on dangerous chemicals that I am putting into the air and the water.

My latest challenge has been cosmetics. I have recently run out of facewash and hair conditioner and am looking for as natural as possible alternatives or even some home made ideas. I am using a sample of Sukin facewash that a friend gave me and am super impressed with it. Sukin is a carbon neutral product, says no to animal testing and it uses 100% recycled packaging. My skin is loving the extra moisture and saying good riddance to the harsh chemicals. I will continue using the facewash and purchase some moisturiser as well, from now on Sukin is my regular!

With hair care, I am still at a loss. My hair desperately needs cutting, colouring and some TLC. If you have any recommendations of natural products or home made treatments, please feel free to share!

Whilst telling you all the wonderful self control and resourcefulness I have been practicing, I must also make a confession. I bought a new laptop. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I really needed one to do my blogging and Harvey Norman had a 40% off sale, plus with all the saving I have done with buying nothing new I had enough cash to buy it outright- No credit cards, layby or borrowing. So, I am guilty. Although totally loving my new laptop! I promise that will be the only weakness of Nothing New month for me.

The next few weeks of Something old, NOTHING new, something borrowed or renewed will include house decorating challenges, renewed fashion challenges, some op-shopping (thrifting) fun and some reviews from those giving Nothing New month a go. Please E-mail me with your ideas, progress and challenges if you would like to share them! Are you taking the challenge? You know you want to!

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