Sunday, April 17, 2011

Nothing new

Something old, NOTHING new, something borrowed or renewed.

Last year I stumbled upon the Salvation Army Nothing New concept. At the time, I had around five friends birthdays and was in the process of moving house... As much as I would have liked to participate in a month of 'Nothing new', it was not an ideal time to try it out.

I consider myself somewhat resourceful... I tend to keep bits and bobs knowing that I will use them for something one day. Don't get the wrong impression- I am no hoarder. As equally as I like to re-use, I also like to purchase. I seem to have a slight addiction to the shiney and new and find it super cathartic to throw things away, which is totally not environmentally friendly or promoting sustainable living. Finally, I mustered together enough guilt to start my own 'nothing new' concept.

Called Something old, NOTHING new, something borrowed or renewed. Much like the Salvation Army concept it focuses on puchasing less and being resourceful more. It's all about re-using, handing down, giving away, re-cycling, re-vamping, re-creating and most importantly not buying anything new.

The initial reaction from my Facebook friends was that it sounded far too hard and unachievable. Wrong!
If I, the queen of consumerism can do it...So can you. Or at least try. Take on the challenge in a smaller scale.

That old white t-shirt that you were just about to throw out? Stain in black for winter life, cut it up and use for cleaning rags, use it in some crafty, nifty way.
That nailpolish that is slightly gluggy and gooey that you never wore? Mix it with clear varnish and paint those toes.
That bunch of roses that are looking wilted and sad? hang upside down with a ribbon to dry so you have them forever.
That foundation you bought in the wrong shade and didn't bother returning to the store? Sus out which friend has that colour tone and pass it on. Or mix it with moisturiser and use to 'bronze'.

I could go on and on and on and on. It's not about walking around barefoot and unshowered. Its about gathering some kind of consciousness about how much you consume and taking tiny baby steps to reduce that. Will you join me? For the month of April and May I will be doing weekly blog updates on how I am going with the challenge and perhaps some features on your progress, experience and ideas for others?

Come on, I know you want to!

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