Sunday, April 24, 2011

Our Week(s) in words #3

It's been a while since I summarised our week, so i'll be squeezing all thats been going on in this Single Ma' and sweet babes life lately in one post. Where to start?!

Stella has started to eat on her own. M-E-S-S-Y. I had to let go of my mess fear and let her go for it, she did quite well, shovelling toast with avocado and cream cheese into her little gob. She is eating really well now, 3 quite big meals a day. I make all her food and it's something I feel really good about, I know exactly what is in it and I can make sure she has a good balance. Making large batches and freezing them in portions is so much more economical, one day a fortnight I'll hunker down in the kitchen and peel, chop, stew, boil, mash and blend away.

Stella had her second cold this week just gone, she was so snuffly! I bought a vaporiser and kept that in her room for a few days, it seemed to clear her nose a little and helped her sleep. Its horrible watching a baby with a blocked up nose trying to eat or sleep. She's been snoring so loudly because of it. Nurse Mama has been making sure she's warm, rubbing vicks on her chest and feet and giving plenty of therapuetic cuddles. It seems to be making its way out, I'm really suprised that I haven't caught it at all; a diet of only chocolate must provide super immunity!

I am enjoying my one day a week working so much, I really look forward to deciding on an outfit and heading out that front door. My work collegues are like my family; I love them to bits, my boss is actually one of Stellas two Godmothers. We can talk about everything from relationships and secrets to fashion and children. Work for me is like a total win-win situation. I make a little extra money, I get to play with shoes and I get to share cups of tea with my closest lady friends. I am starting to think about the 'Future' and what my plans are in relation to work. Future is such a dirty word, it makes me feel a little nauseous writing 'The Future' down as a header on a piece of paper and contemplating what to put underneath, but its something that HAS to be done. So far, there is nothing written underneath that header, but it's kick started my thoughts.

After a month of terrible sleeping patterns I ended up taking Stella to 'Walker House' to get some specialist advice and tips on sleep and settling. It was, if anything, just a reassurance that we were doing the right things and that her sleeping patterns are normal for a teething baby that age. I started roughly following the 'Save our Sleep' routine by Tizzie Hall which assures me that my baby is capable of sleeping 7pm-7am most nights (yeah right, I thought!) The most valuable advice the book gave for me was a daily schedule for feeding and sleeping right down to the minute. The first few days that I tried it were difficult but after three days Stella was settling quicker, sleeping longer and anticipating meal and sleep times herself. Now we follow the routine a lot more casually and relaxed but the basic princepals are still there. It's not something that is going to work for everyone, but if like me you are feeling at the end of your tether and NEED more sleep...pick up the book and give it a read. It can't hurt to try. Stella now sleeps from 7pm til 6-7am every night! She will occasionally wake during the night and after a nappy change and tucking back in, will settle herself back to sleep. No bottle or cuddles required. I am so gratefull for the little bit of extra sleep, it really makes for a happier, more productive mama.

This week, we don't have much planned. I think we may catch up with Godmother Sophie after her return from holidays, gossip with Lauren, a Mummy date with Ali and Evie and work for me Thursday. I will definitely (hopefully) start getting back into regular 'our week in words' posts so as not to inundate you with such large, yawn worthy posts!

How has your week/weeks been? Any exciting milestones? Interesting events?
Plenty of love...

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  1. I did the same thing, bought that book, certainly lived up to it's name!