Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mama got inked

I've always had this slight obsession and intrigue with tattoos. LA Ink marathons and lazing on the couch were my maternity leave indulgences. I always said that in my 'next life' I would be a tattooed chick. Well, who waits for the next life!
Don't dream it, do it!

On Saturday I said goodbye to my pale, bare, left forearm and made a very nervous trip to the tattoo studio. I was more nervous about this than I was about labour! The pain was (thankfully) bearable and in less than 20 minutes it was done. I still can't stop staring at it!

My main concern about getting my first tattoo was the stereotypes and judgements placed on people with ink. So far, all has been fine. I find a lot of older people look at me with concerned faces, as if they are thinking "Poor dear must be rebelling", I just smile sweetly and they either look away or smile back. I know that this perception is changing rapidly so it really doesn't bother me. I dress well, I speak well, and well... I'm a decent person. A bit of art on my arm doesn't change that! I worked my first shift with the tattoo in tow today and was pleasantly surprised at everyones reactions. Because it is 'tasteful' and quite pretty I don't have to cover it when I work. This made me incredibly happy!

Before I decided on getting my tattoo I read an interesting and insightful post by Danielle from Sometimes Sweet titled 'How tattoos (may) change your life'. Dani is my ultimate beautifully inked idol! Not to mention the most inspirational blogger. I'm really glad she did this post as it prepared me and made me seriously think about my decision.

I am considering adding to my tattoo... perhaps with tree's, branches, leaves, birds, words....Oh the possibilities are endless! But for now I am happy with getting used to this one. When the honeymoon period is over I may start planning the rest of my arm. Maybe.

What do you think of it? Are you inked? Do you plan to be? And yes, if you thought you recognised the image, the amazing Miss Hill designed my tattoo!


  1. I am an inked mummy! I have 3 tattoo's..
    I got my first one when Imogen was about 1.5 years old. Her name on my foot! I adore that tattoo.
    My second is on my ribs of a design from a knife that my nan gave me before she passed away.
    And third is on the back of my neck. Its a treble clef inside a phoenix. Resembles my love of music.
    Next will be Isabels name on my other foot. Then I have a few ideas to go behind my ear, and on my arms - I love tatts!

  2. I think your new ink is adorable! Really graphic and well placed. I am quite heavily tattooed. I am also a mamma. Most of the feedback I get about my tattoos (whether I ask for it or not!) is positive. Saying that though, there are times when it gets tiresome talking to strangers about something that, to me is just part of my skin! On days when I don't feel like answering the same old questions, I just wear long sleeves and pants.

    One of the most common questions I get is "what do you think that's going to look like when you're 80??"

    My response is always the same, "probably the same as your skin, only more colourful."

  3. LOVE it, Natalie! I like silhouette tattoos lately, and this one is super pretty. :)

  4. I love it Nat. I am inked but my fist and only tattoo at the moment is in a place where not many people see it. Its on my right leg at the top of my thigh (just below my underwear line). I'm a Gemini, so I have the Gemini sign. I've had it for 3 years (I think). I wanted a tattoo that would always mean something to me and I'm glad that I chose it.
    I'm now wanting to get Arden's name on my left wrist using font that a band I like use on one of their albums. I thought I was going to get it done last month but the guy never called me back :( So I'm trying to find a decent place down here to get it done. It's supposed to be a birthday present so I've got 2 months til then, but I want it now haha.
    Because I work in a factory it doesn't matter if it can be seen. There used to be a guy there that had tats on his face.

  5. You are BEAUTIFUL and this tattoo is so, so lovely. Let me know if you'd like to do a Tattoo Tuesday! <3


  6. Your Tattoo is amazing, i know i get some funny reactions about my tattoos at times. I do understand that the public probably feel that for a 22 year old mother to have a skull and crossbone tattooed across her foot is just a little stange, but i have never really cared much for strangers negative input. 2 of my other tattoos are not visable. However I ALSO have my partners and my daughters names tattoos across my wrists. and i ALWAYS get comments such as "what if you and him split.. thats a bit stupid.. " or "what if your daughter grows up and hates you one day".. People can be so blind sometimes. A tatoo is a representation of your life in the NOW. Thats how i see it. It doesnt matter about the future, every tattoo you get on your skin over your time (and i plan on being covered) is a representation of who you are and where you are in your life right in this moment. Almost like a photo album you can carry everywhere! =)