Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Best Baby Buddies.

Stella has a best friend; her name is Evie!

I love watching Stella and Evie play together and its a wonderful bonus that I love Evie's Ma' Ali too! We often have Mama dates, and have enjoyed them so much that we are making them a regular Friday event! Originally, the plan was to join a playgroup or mothers group together...but we are having just as much fun doing our own thing in our own time.

Stella and Evie are only three weeks apart in age and are both the first borns to young mothers. I didn't actually meet Ali until after our babies were born and was introduced via a mutual friend, we really have a lot in common and get along so well. We both love to browse town and window shop, eat cake and drink coffee or just hang out while our babes play.

Stella and Evie are the cutest of B.B.B'S, they like to hold hands while in the car, share splashy baths and investigate toys together! It is seriously the cutest thing to watch ever! Recently they have been sharing tricks; Evie has taught Stella to wave and Stella is encouraging Evie to practice her crawling. It's hard to imagine that these two little girls will be going to school in the same town one day, sharing similar experiences. Perhaps they will be Mama friends like Ali and I when they have their first babies. Oh how sweet!

Does your babe have a 'bestie'? Do you have a 'Mama Bestie'? I will keep updating on Stella and Evie's little friendship adventures and the Mama dates too!

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