Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Care to Share #3

This weeks smile inducers...

* Happy First birthday Delilah! This little fawn is absolutely gorgeous and I have been following her first year of life through Hollys beautiful blog. Delilah is the kind of girl I would love for Stella to one day meet and be friends with. 

* These photos make me feel all fuzzy and happy inside. I hope to have a family as sweet, caring, big and wonderful as this one day! 

* This is magnolia. What a sweet name for a sweet little baby! Please welcome Magnolias Mother to the blogosphere, she is one of my Instagram friends (Ahhh, the joys of modern technology)  

* He's here! Little Arlo came into the world last week and from the sneak peak photos on twitter... He is one handsome little man. 

* What a wonderful idea. Laura has just taken the pledge to wear a handmade item of clothing or jewellery every day for the month of June. Can you make the pledge?


  1. Aww. I somehow missed this! Thanks for the bloggy love! :)

  2. thanks for the birthday wishes for Delilah! Maybe Stella and her and be online friends one day! ;)
    xo holly