Monday, May 23, 2011

The Charity Party

To celebrate the Nothing New concept I really wanted to host a 'swap party'. I had this vision in my head of people bringing all their pre-loved and unwanted goodies and having a thrift party in my house whilst sharing a wine and some nibbles.

I enlisted the help of Lauren and we hosted The Charity Party on saturday night. The idea was the guests brought all their unwanted items that they would otherwise be happy to donate to charity. There were clothes, shoes, books, baby gear, handbags and household items. Lauren and I had a little fun using our merchandising skills and setting everything up ready to be thrifted. We had bottles and bottles of wine, cheese, dip and crackers and each guest got given a paper bag. We browsed through the goodies picking up another mans trash and making it our own treasure.

It gave such incredible insight as to how much 'stuff' you accumulate in such a short period of time. Also, how much we buy without thinking if we really need it. If the average person is so overcome with habitual consumerism, imagine the amount of 'stuff' that a seasoned shopped would comsume and throw away without a second thought.

It was an amazing night with some amazing ladies, we all had so much fun trying on clothes, rumagging through jewellery and sharing our past treasures. Everyone went home with a bag of new thrifted finds and less a lot of unwanted items. The next day Lauren and I took everything that was left behind and donated it to charity bins.We chose The salvation Army and The Self Help Workplace clothing deposit. Here are some happy snaps of the night (excuse the poor quality instagram/iPhone pictures). Some of the guests included; Sophie, Tahnii and Zoe. Hop on over and say Hi!


Why not get together your friends and host your own Swap party of Charity Party? It really was a wonderful night for socialising and living the "Something old, NOTHING new, something borrowed or renewed" concept.


  1. It was an honor to attend :D Such a fantastic concept and it was lively to hang out with other like minded ladies for the night! Amazing how clothes hold memories, there was no shortage of reminiscing, wine and giggles. I had a ball <3

  2. What a great idea! Love it. It's definitely important to be mindful about what we buy and what we throw away. I think another way to encourage mindful consumerism is learning how to mend and alter your clothes to give them extra life. Buying vintage or second hand isn't just about style! It's a way to use your power as a consumer (or non-consumer) to make a difference. Good job ladies!! Yay!