Friday, May 6, 2011

Nothing New :: Cot Creativity

My lovely friend Annalese has taken on 'Something old, NOTHING new, something borrowed or renewed' and was kind enough to share her progress with me.

"I was chatting with my sister about my son Arden's cot and his recent habit of chewing on the rails. Her little 2 year old boy has ruined his cot by grinding his teeth on the rails and Arden's heading the same way. We were discussing if there is a product on the market to protect it. Then I heard Natalie was having similar dramas, so I did a good old Google search for "cot rail protector" and realised there aren't many options to choose from. I was almost going to pay $70 for a protector that was basically padding covered material tied with ribbons. I hate parting with money, so thought I could have a go with improvising. I rushed with my improvised idea so they'd be on in time before his next nap  and before he could do more damage. I just grabbed the first wraps I found. It was as simple as folding a swaddle wrap length ways and placing over the cot railings, then securing very tightly with some knotted ribbon. And there you have it! Home made, free, cot railing protectors! "

I was so impressed with Annaleses creativity that I copied her idea for myself! Stella's cot has also become victim to some pretty impressive teeth marks. She just loves a good ol' chew on that (rather expensive) wood. So, some swaddling wraps, some ribbon, 3 minutes, 0 dollars later...Cot railing protectors! Thankyou so much Annalese for sharing and inspiring!

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