Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Squeal

v. squealed, squeal·ing, squeals
v.intr. 1. To give forth a loud shrill cry or sound.

Stella has a new trick and thinks its pretty fun, although I dont concur. She squeals a hair raising, flower wilting, ear covering, dog barking squeal. Every 2 minutes at least. I know it is just her exploring her vocals and learning how to get a reaction, but when the neighbours start to peer out worried behind their curtains and my ears start to ring, it gets a little frustrating. Correction; a lot frustrating. I am at a loss as to how to stop it. I've tried the frown and the 'No', but that just gives her the reaction she's looking for. I've tried ignoring it, but really, it sounds as though someone is being murdered over here! 

Any suggestions and tips would be much appreciated. Between now and then, im sporting ear muffs.


  1. Sorry I have no helpful suggestions - but Factorie have some adorable earmuffs in there at the moment!

  2. A wise man once said to me, and I'll pass it on to you, is that whatever phase your child is going through will only ever last a maximum of three weeks.

    Then there will be another thing to wait out :)

    Part-time single father of Logan (2)

  3. Haha. Just read this and realised I was doing it back at her when I was visiting today. I'm always copying Arden when he makes funny noises, so I kind of do it out of habit :P Maybe you could try doing it back at her for a while and the novelty might wear off for her?