Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Stella and Evie playdate.

Both Ali and I were in rather grumpy moods Friday morning; our babies wouldn't have their morning sleeps and we were getting nothing done. We are also telepathic, and were both thinking the same thing..."She wont sleep, I'm in a bad mood, wanna go for a walk?" It's indescribably cool to have a friend like that, who is happy to hang out at the last minute and put up with trackies, a messy house and a grumpy mama and baby combo. We bundled up the little protesters and pounded the pavement with our prams.

Exercise, chai latte, gossip. A bad day soon turned into a great day. Ali and Evie stayed the whole afternoon, the babes played, shared crackers (literally from one mouth to the other) and pushed each other along on the trike. They ate dinner together and bathed together.

Friday walks and hangouts with these two are my favourite! 

It was really hard to get good quality photos, when one baby kept still the other would move. And (yes, I've said it before) I am incompetent with a camera. These ones however are my favourite.

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