Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Passion and Parenting.

I never thought the day would come when I would enjoy talking about nappies and bottles more than clubs and cocktails. But it did. Not only did the day come, it stayed!

I am one of those Mothers.

You'll find me chatting to other mums about monotonous baby issues. Im the one uploading photos of Stellas' every move. The one documenting every little thing she does in a diary. The one doing a little victory dance when she finally swallows a whole spoonfull of farex. The one who looks forward to 'wake up' time.
If there is such a thing as OTT Mothering. I've got it. Self diagnosed.

I once read a quiz titled 'What kind of Mother are you?'. One of the answers was 'The too much information Mother', descibed as the annoying one who will go on and on and on about feeding, sleeping, pooping, crying. Sure enough, that's the outcome I got after taking the quiz.

Most of my non-mother friends are very, very tolerant of this irritating behaviour I've grown accustomed to. They smile and nod. And we still manage to talk shoes and handbags amongst the milestones and teething.  
Its really quite amazing that I can be one of those mothers, yet still escape to the land of the young and reckless (within reason) from where I once belonged.
I am blessed in that aspect. I can play sensible boring mummy and a youthful, 21 year old hipster (Gosh, now im sounding like a mum) at the same time. I have my incredible 'branches' to thank for that lifestyle. They accept the unwashed hair and over enthusiasm about a new brand of nappies.

We are all encouraged to find and maintain a passion.
Its only been the last 6 months that I have found mine. My 'calling' I guess. It's utterly cliched, but I believe being a Mother is what I was meant for. Unfortunately not everyone accepts that Mothering can be considered a passion. I find that I'm often asked about my plans. When will I return to work? What am I going to do with myself in the future? Of course, It's the rare few who have this attitude, but it does make the role of being a Mother seem under-valued in the community at times.

Finally starting this blog has been my way of conquering the stereotypical view that as a Stay-at-home Mother I'm not 'living', 'doing' or 'experiencing'.

I am passionate about all things baby. I am passionate about being a Mum.

This is my motivation. To share with you some of my passion and see the similar passions you have about parenting is deeply satisfying.

So heres to Passion! And heres to the motivation and inspiration that I have been injected with from reading all my favourite Baby blogs. One day, I hope to do the same for someone. My goal is to be on that list, be it number 7065 or number 5, my goal is to have a following of Mummys and non-Mummys alike who share a love for their journey through parenting.

Thankyou to all who inspire and motivate me. It's heartwarming!


  1. You are awesome Miss Natalie. I love your words; I hope in the future, I can channel your enthusiasm when it comes to nappies and farex! x

  2. You are honestly an inspiration to all young mums out there doing it alone.
    I'm proud of you Miss Nat with everything you've achieved, you really are super special.


  3. Love this. I am so done with people making it seem like I am not doing anything with my life because I am, I want, I was meant to be a stay at home mom. Mothering is a perfectly fascinating passion. I think it's one of the best passions we can have.