Monday, February 21, 2011

7 days. 1 week. Too many hours to count.

Confession: I have spent the last week in Pyjamas. Almost constantly. I have found it so hard to muster the motivation and physical energy to do anything. The housework is all up to date, everything is neatly in order, cleaned and dusted. We've also done some serious nursery rhyme singing and block tower building. So not everything is being neglected. But I just can't shake the pyjama bug. I've been bitten and I can't recover!

Even as I sit here now, I'm P.J. clad with unwashed hair in a birdsnest style on the top of my head. I feel terribly guilty. I'm not sick. Just drained. I need some hardcore vitamins I think to give me some much needed energy, As soon as I am able to put on a pretty dress, I'll go to the chemist and get some... Soon. Hopefully.

Has anyone else been bitten by this pyjama bug? If so, what is the cure???

Hoping to grace the next post with some fresh hair and pretty threads.

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  1. Your pretty blog makes me full of happiness. Like a jar of butterflies!
    Keep up the lovely posts you!