Thursday, February 24, 2011

Post Pregnancy Hair Loss

When I was pregnant I read nearly every book written on pregnancy, birth and babies. In some, there were brief mentions of hair loss after birth, but nothing detailed. So when Stella was 4 months old and I still had a
head full of thick hair I revelled in the fact that I was 'lucky' to escape this 'old wives tale'.
But... old wives tale it was not. My hair loss began about 5 months after giving birth and the extremity of it certainly made up for the late start. 2 months later, I'm still a shedding Mamma.

When I wash my hair I am greeted with around 3 handfulls, I don't dare blowdry or straighten it anymore, otherwise my bathroom tiles become carpeted. My clothes have constant strands clinging. My vacuum cleaner is always clogged. When Stella is playing she'll often have a mouthful of hair, some wrapped around her fingers and an insane amount in between her toes. I've even found my run-away hair in her nappy!
I have very long hair and couldn't possibly cut it, my long hair is what defines me. So, unless I am leaving the house it is usually in a big bun twisted on the top of my head. I even wear a beanie to bed in a failed attempt to keep the strands attached to my head!

I know that it is most definitely normal to lose hair post-pregnancy due to fluctuation of hormones, but normal or not... IT. IS. DRIVING. ME. INSANE. Most of the information I can find on the hair loss suggest cutting it to lessen the annoyance. But I can't, won't, just will not! Other than that I have heard that taking Silica Supplements can help nourish hair. If it is going to lessen the hair loss or give me luscious glossy locks (with the added bonus of stronger nails and clearer skin) then what have I got to lose? I may buy some supplements and see if there are any changes.

Has anyone else had a hairy experience with hair loss post baby as I have? (Oh what a pun!)
How did you deal with it without going stark raving mad? Am I going to have to take the plunge and cut my pride and joy?

Please comment with your stories and opinions, I would love to hear them. Meanwhile, I'm going to vacuum my floor...again.


  1. I have a blocked up shower drain, handfuls of hair come out at a time in the shower, my vacuum cleaner needs to be emptied pretty much every time it gets used and hair gets wrapped around and around the turbo head. I have a dried up dead birds nest on top of my head.
    Having red curly hair it was pretty bad before I was pregnant, but now it's a disaster. I spend a fortune on Redken Fresh Curls (Which Brendon used almost a whole bottle on his "hair" grr)but nothing can fix the mess I have on my head.
    So if you find something Nat, please let me know :)

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