Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A pretty production line.

Last Saturday night, My talented friend Sophie, brought around to my house her business in her handbag. Not quite, but she did bring a big box of freshly laser cut Tasmanian myrtle, the foundation of her jewellery line; That Vintage. Soph has been super dooper busy (When is she ever not busy!) with preparations for Niche. Niche is a market showcasing Tasmanian designers in which a percentage of funds go to St Giles; supporting the disabled community.

So to get our fix of social times and gossip yet not hinder her preparation efforts, we had a little 'factory date'. Sophie, Lauren (My florist friend) and I sat down with some apple and pear cider, chinese food and the big box of wood. We chatted about creative ideas whilst peeling masking tape off the cut pieces ready to be made into necklaces, earrings and rings. The smell of freshly cut myrtle is amazing! It's that camp fire type smell- woody and warm. Stella played amongst us too and even had some input by dribbling on some of the pieces.

It was a great night, I seem to be surrounded by such talented people. Its both inspiring and intimidating at the same time...I wish I had the skill these girls have with wood, fabric, flowers and their crafty little fingers! I have an abundance of ideas and notes on notes of inspiration, but lack the talent to do anything with it. I will however, be helping at the That Vintage stall at Niche market which I am very excited about, I helped out last year and it was wonderful. So nice to chat with creative minds and serve customers. It had that retail vibe that I miss from my working days, but in a more relaxed, personalised environment. I can't wait for this one!

I thought I'd share with you my FAVOURITE piece of Jewellery by Sophie, The feather and lace birdcage pendant. I wear it with everything!

I'll keep you updated as to how the market goes in April!


  1. Oh that sounds like such a lovely evening! All my best buddies live so far away. I love Sophies jewellery too :)

  2. That necklace is so lovely! Yesterday my friend helped me get ready for my craft fair by having a factory date with me :)