Saturday, February 5, 2011

Kids love Keys.

If there is one toy that almost every child is amazed by, it would be a set of keys.
There is something mesmerizing about that jingly, shiney, chewable bundle that Mummy carries around.
But when your keys are in the bottom of a grubby handbag, been touched with germy hands day in and day out, they aren't exactly a prime candidate for munching on by the munchkins. There are many Baby key toys on the market... Some make noises, some flash lights, some are rubbery, some go click-a-clack.

A set of creative and different keys I stumbled upon recently really took my fancy. If, like Stella, your babe has many a loud, colourful, flashing, headache inducing, irritating but very stimulating toy... These are a nice contrast.

A nice CALM toy, if there is such a thing as a calm toy

Perfect for a 4-12 month old when sitting in a quiet waiting room at the doctors surgery where every inhale of air is heard loudly.

Perfect for that 'I'm so tired I cant handle anymore of this stimulating day, I need to wind down while Mummy cooks dinner' moment.

Perfect for the the baby with those red rosy cheeks and insane amounts of dribble who manages to chew on your hoody drawstring, your toe, their toe, the cats tail and your important paperwork.

These are made by Cheryl of Mama Made Them, Also a single Mother, Cheryl has some beautiful wooden, handmade toys in her Etsy store. Be sure to check out her classic pacifying baby goodies here and read her blog.

Happy toy hunting!

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