Friday, February 11, 2011

Toy Troubles.

Its pretty common knowledge that I am a neat freak and a clean nutter.

Having a baby certainly tests your tolerance to mess. You start to relax a little; accept that mess is inevitable. To keep a pre-baby standard of tidy around the house means that I need to work a little bit harder when Stella is asleep. No doubt as Stella gets older, when crawling starts and walking (or running) comes, keeping anything perfect will be near impossible. I'm avoiding thinking about it much yet. I'll deal with that when it happens!

Now that Stella is a little more active, her play is also a little more active. She has accumulated quite a supply of shiney, bright, loud, stimulating toys. Most days we spread them all over the floor and play (Sometimes I play and Stella watches). With more and more toys finding their way into the house, the harder it is to tuck them away in a corner at the end of a play session.

I NEED a toybox I can just throw them into and...*clicks fingers*... Mess is gone!
The hunt for a toybox has begun!

My ultimate Toybox dream would be this El Baul design by Magis. It would look cute in the loungeroom, bedroom and can be used outside for toys, shoes, garden tools... Anything! Such a long-lasting investment. The price tag unfortunately doesn't cater for a SAHSM (Stay at home Single Mother).

At this age, with not many big toys, I think an Ottoman type box in the loungeroom would be good, It will fit in with the decor, look inconspicuous and serve a double purpose! But as Stella gets older, over the next few years some kind of 'storage system' might be a little more practical. Here are some of my favourite simple, budget friendly Ottomans and super savvy storage systems.

1. Trofast storage combination  and Large Trofast storage combination by Ikea.
These are great as you can customise how many drawers you have, what size and what colour you'd like them.

2. Folding Storage Ottoman by Office Works. Super cheap and functional.
3. The Jameson Double Storage Ottoman. How cool are the tray tables? Means that when there are too many toys to fit and baby needs to upgrade, it can be used as a coffe table instead.

LOVE would be an understatement for This Ottoman by Plush. Again, the pricetag is a little scary, but... It's amazing!
And...It doesnt hurt to dream a little... Here are some incredible toyboxes handcrafted by Modmomfurniture.  The woodland theme is so sweet for either boy or girl.

I'll keep you posted as to what type I get, until then, My house looks like santas workshop!

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