Thursday, February 3, 2011

BOON babe.

You know the little buzz you feel when having just bought a new wizz-bang mascara...
The packaging sucks you in and makes you feel as though you 'Neeeed it'. You cant wait to open it and test out its plumping/lengthening/defining/pretty-ing abilities.

When I became a mother, that 'buzz' wasn't often brought upon by a mascara, new pair of shoes, a new dress etc. All those things become so... unimportant and almost boring. But then a buzz of a new kind manifests... The baby stuff buzz!

I have had many a buzz from a new, innovative, time saving, co-ordinated, clever, compact, Just. Plain. Awesome. baby product. I'll share some of my buzzes along the way, but my current love is Boon Feeding Products.

Feeding babys in theory should be simple- mash + baby + spoon. Reality is far from it. Food gets up the babys nose, in your hair, on the ceiling, in your eyelashes, down your bra, in the babies toes.

Thats where my favourite Boon goody comes in handy when its time for Stella to annihilate some goey wooey goodness. The Squirt baby food dispensing spoon makes life so much easier. No bowl to be grabbed and thrown across the room and can be chucked in my handbag ready to be whipped out for some 'noms' at the park. Oh and... They are dishwasher safe!

Happy mushy wushy feeding!


  1. Pretty clever idea - less mess and less of a circus act I can imagine! Stella is the perfect baby-model for such things <3 good work bubba!

  2. Just before I found your blog, I was looking at Boon products online, how freaky is that! I was thinking they looked awesome, I'll definetley have to get some now!