Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Friends as sweet as mine.

I am a lucky, lucky girl to have an amazing circle of friends. They are my family, they make up my 'tree' in places where it lacks branches. We come from all walks of life, so to speak, but still share a footpath through the world...Super cliched and sickly sweet, but its TRUE.

How often do we stop to appreciate the relationships in our lives, take stock of who we have surrounding us and smell the budding flowers on our 'tree'.

One of my 'branches' is the talented, beautiful, inspiring
Sophie Hill.
She's a pretty decent branch that one. A big THANKYOU to her for helping me get started in the blogosphere by prettying up my blog. Skills to kill that woman! Be sure to check out her blog and see her amazing creative work for yourself.


  1. You're beautiful! Can't wait to see your blog unfold <3 x

  2. I've been reading That Vintage for some time, and I'm looking forward to reading Winter Love.