Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Love, Love, Love...

Valentines Day. The day of love of and affection.

Valentines Day is a little different to how it once was for me, but it was so much more beautiful than any I have ever experienced.

I spent the day with the ultimate love of my life; Stella. We shared snuggles, kisses and giggles.
I made us matching heart headbands.
We wore pretty pink dresses.

It truly was a beautiful love-filled day.

This Valentines Day I am in love with;

Holding Stella whilst she sleeps.
Frozen raspberries and cranberries.
Red wine.
My friends- forever grateful.
Being a mother.

Some lovely love treats I stumbled upon and thought I would share with you...

'Love carries all' Art print- Could see this hanging in Stellas room, its so sweet!

Frangrance scented crochet hearts- Oh so pretty in the underwear drawer!

Edible love by 'The Cupcake Fairy'- Yes please!

I hope you all had a beautiful Valentines Day. Be it single or partnered. Share the love!

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  1. The pictures are so beautiful! Your little girl is growing up so very fast :) your blog is amazing :)